Erogames is a high-quality hentai game platform, which allows for amateurs of Japanese fantasies to satisfy their most perverted desires. Allow us to present the game to you by giving you all the details on how it works, the (free and paid) games you'll find on the platform, and all the different ways to have fun with this sexy site.

Presenting: Erogames

Hentai lovers who want to have some fun in the company of sexy schoolgirls, warrior princesses with huge boobs, or women with perverted desires, will surely find something to satisfy all their desires with Erogames.

This platform for erotic and exciting porn games (hence the name ero/games) provides access to a huge number of very sexy games. There are quick-cum games (like puzzles or clickers), and longer, move involved ones with full adventure storylines. Between the selection of RPG games, the well-made and stunning Visual Novels, and the “crazy but sexy” games, there is something to satisfy all naughty gamers on the platform.

Some games are free and are playable in-browser, while others require a paying subscription, or sometimes the purchase of tokens in-game to unlock content. In addition to the games on Erogames, you'll also find reading material: there's a bunch of exclusive hentai made only for the platform. There's also events to earn points, experience, and different bonuses to be found on the site. Enjoy the community and make a name for yourself!

The games available on Erogames

There are two main types of games on Erogames: free PC games, and Visual Novels.

In the first category, there are some incredible games available, for example :

  • Boobs in the City and its unique, crazy and exciting atmosphere
  • Craving Quest, a very sexy 3D RPG that has over 200 hours of gameplay
  • Need for Sin, a parody of the video game Need for Speed
  • Gay Harem, a gay hentai porn game. Very hardcore with great graphics!
  • Hentai Heroes, which plunges you into a never-ending quest to satisfy girl's deepest desires

There is a lot of options to try, and these games are all available to play for free on Erogames. You can spend hours playing and having fun, discovering hundreds of varied worlds and atmospheres.

For Visual Novel lovers, Erogames also offers a wide choice of sex games set up in episodes. Prepare to be immersed in detailed adventures, where seduction phases (much like dating simulators) will lead to excellent hentai sex scenes - if you're successful. We really like the gripping scenarios of games like Oppai Café or Detective Masochist, as well as the superb graphics of Parent-Teacher Meeting or Natsu Doki.

An Other Games section also provides titles of various different styles and worlds (2D adventures, striptease games, etc.) for even more choice and variety.

VIP mode and Clans

The community on Erogames is very active, and some players choose to form or join clans. Joining a clan allows you to progress faster by sharing techniques and tips, but also to compete in multiplayer games or to team up in competitive Hentai titles.

To join a clan or create one, you need only register for free. Then, you'll be able to take part in the events organized throughout the year by Erogames.

A VIP mode is also available, and it gives you access to different bonuses like tokens to spend each month to gain unlimited access to certain games, as well as sexy gifts and early access to new porn games.

Our opinion on Erogames

Our opinion on Erogames is overall very positive. The platform is as vast and complete as it is ergonomic and functional. There is something to delight every hentai lover, and a wide variety of games to satisfy all types of gamers and their fantasies – as well as curious newcomers who will definitely be converted fast.

Erogames has a wide selection of free games, and some can be unlocked after registration and/or with tokens. It's a fascinating platform type, with very successful Japanese-style sex games. If you like hentai, and if you are looking for sexy games to turn your desires into reality, register now!


  • A huge choice of hentai games
  • Many free games available
  • The community is vibrant and active
  • Always renewing itself


  • The price of some visual novels is a bit steep


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