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VR Fuckdolls

What man hasn't dreamed of being able to create the perfect woman, who could satisfy all his sexual desires without ever having enough? Some sex games have already made use of this idea, but none of them have pushed the realism to the point of using virtual reality: that's what VR Fuckdolls does. This incredible sex game not only lets you customize the girl or girls you'll be having adventures with, but also immerses you in the game through realistic virtual reality. It's an experience that surpasses porn tenfold, and that will definitely convert the naughtiest porn game lovers among you to VR, especially those eager to feel new and sexy sensations.

Discover the features of this stimulating game, as well as all the customization possibilities it has to offer, and the bonus content you can access for free. If you don't have the patience to wait any longer, try the game now.

VR Fuckdolls, a fantasy that comes to life in VR

The fantasy of every man out there comes to life with VR Fuckdolls: allowing players to build the creature of their dreams and have sex with her, satisfying all their naughty or perverse desires. Thinking about a girl in particular? Or maybe you often fantasize about an actress, a celebrity, or a singer? Create her in this game.

The game obviously supports virtual reality headsets: if you have a VR headset, you'll just have to put it on your head and meet the beautiful girl you've built. Touch her, squeeze her pretty breasts, and indulge in the joys of sex with her, as if you were a real porn actor. It's honestly pretty amazing, and the pleasure is truly intense. If you don't have VR equipment, don't worry, a “classic mode” is available, which is also really fun if you're into sex simulation games.

To start your experience with VR Fuckdolls, you'll have to create the first girl you are going to fuck: define the settings and customize the character and talents of your dream girl before you can start having VR sex. Here's how to do it.

Create the girl of your dreams and fulfil your desires

It all starts with a choice of settings that allow the player to customize the atmosphere in which your first romp will take place. You only have 3 choices at first: the high school (for fans of schoolgirl outfits), the more dungeon (for those who like BDSM), or the nightclub (for fans of sexy or vulgar outfits). You can unlock more as you play.

Then, let's begin adjusting the girl's physical characteristics – the most important part – with the first choice being the hair colour. It's up to you to decide if you're more in the mood to fuck a brunette, cum on a redhead's chest or sodomize a blonde. You'll also have to select the size of the breasts you like between small, medium, or large. The last option will give your naughty partner a pretty intense chest size.

Among the coolest customization options in this sex game is the choice of tattoos: while it's not possible to choose the designs, you can already define the amount of tattoos on the sexy virtual creature you're creating. This option is sure to delight lovers of bodies covered in ink.

All that's left to do is to select your naughty girl's special skill among the 3 starter options. You can make her an anal champion and plug lover who will delight in these back-door practices, a squirting enthusiast who make herself cum abundantly, or a fellatio goddess, capable of sucking you like a pornstar. The choice is difficult, but you'll be able to test all these features – and more – as you play.

The more you play, the more talented your companion becomes as she accumulates experience, and you will soon be taking great pleasure in her company with the new talents she will acquire.

In the rest of this review of VR Fuckdolls, we'll go into detail about how to play this kind of sex game. Why not create your own sex doll right now?

What gameplay for virtual reality in VR Fuckdolls ?

The main attraction of VR Fuckdolls is the ability to use virtual reality. There are already some great sex simulators out there, but porn titles that support VR headsets are still pretty rare.

Imagine yourself comfortably seated on your sofa, with the naughty scene you've built in front of you. A beautiful woman, built to your liking, arrives before your eyes, then she obeys your every wish. Performing a striptease, using a dildo to masturbate, or taking care of your penis in a million different ways. With one hand, you'll decide on the actions to guide her, leaving your other hand free…

Not only is it very exciting, but it's also very intuitive. It feels like you're really in control, which increases the amount of fun you have tenfold. You can build your own sex scenes like a porn director, or let yourself be led by the game by playing pre-established scenarios that can also prove very exciting.

You can play solo for intense pleasure, or in multiplayer mode for virtual sex that takes on a whole other dimension. Furthermore, you'll meet up with the sexy avatars of other players, and be able to indulge in all sorts of sexual practices, without limits or taboos.

When it comes to sensations, VR Fuckdolls sets the bar very high. We can only wonder if it holds this quality standard also in terms of its graphics.

VR Fuckdolls review : an ultra realistic 3D game

We all like sex games with tasteful graphics - like Star Whores, the Star Wars parody game for example, or maybe the game Westsluts, and it's very well modelled wild west style girls. Well-rendered 3D bodies that look super realistic are a real advantage and bring something very exciting to the gaming experience. The more porn games evolve over time, the closer they get to real porn, often with photo-realistic rendering.

You'll be delighted to see that VR Fuckdolls is also a beautifully made game, and that a lot of attention has been paid to making all the details of the girls bodies hyperrealistic (a lot of attention has been paid to every aspect, but some elements are naturally going to attract your eyes more... we understand). You're probably going to want to grab those nice bouncy buttocks and slap them, or to squeeze your virtual girlfriend's firm little boobs, as they're so well modelled.

A real visual success, VR Fuckdolls is also accompanied by varied and arousing sound effects. Between the adorable voices of these hot babes, the high-pitched moans and the intense screams, the overall experience promises to be intense !

As we'll explain in the rest of the review, this isn't the only game you'll have access to when you sign up for free on the VR Fuckdolls website.

Hundreds of games on demand with VR Fuckdolls

Once you have finalized your registration on VR Fuckdolls, you can start playing with your newly created sex bomb as soon as you like. However, you will probably notice that other porn games are also listed on the website: a welcome surprise.

Here you'll find over 500 sex games - from simple erotic card games to full 3D games based on famous TV shows and movies. While it's true that not all of these games are of real interest, there are some hidden gems that will entertain you and provide you with some pretty intense pleasure for a few games.

And if that wasn't enough, there are even mini-games, and a bunch of other pornographic content ranging from hentai images to X-rated videos, including access to camgirls. What a great platform for having some X rated fun!

Review of VR Fuckdolls : the #1 sex game in VR

There is no need to beat around the bush any longer: our opinion on VR Fuckdolls is very positive, and this game will be a part of the history of porn games for a very long time. Finally, virtual reality (which has been neglected for a few years), is back in use, and in a very exciting way. With this sex game, which is one of the most interesting on the market right now, you'll indulge in pleasures unknown and get your kicks designing your dream sex scenes.

From the creation of your sexual partners - with a system and interface advanced enough to allow you to make your wildest fantasies come true - to the selection of different settings and sexual actions, it doesn't take long to forget the outside world. It's great to be able to play totally immersed, alone or in multiplayer mode, preferably with your Virtual Reality headset.

VR Fuckdolls is a great success that we highly recommend to all those who want to discover the joys of sex without moving from their bed or sofa. Even better, you get access to countless games and loads more X-rated content when you register for free - this will prolong the pleasure for a very long time.

Beautiful, hardcore, and totally customizable, VR Fuckdolls deserves your full attention. Try it as soon as possible, it's free after all.


  • You can create the girl of your dreams
  • The many customization possibilities
  • The incredible immersion of virtual reality
  • Beautiful graphics
  • You can play for free


  • You must be over 18 to play
  • It's not as good without a VR headset


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