Boobs in the City

Imagine a unique sex game that mixes sexy girls in stunning hentai style, flirtatious dating, steamy sex scenes and…water gun battles in 3 Vs 3? Well, that's what Boobs in the city has to offer. In this very well-made Doujin, diversity is the name of the game, and you'll soon get lost and won't see the hours flying by. In this review, we'll explain why this hentai game is able to seduce the most perverted players.

Boobs in the City : Hentai and water guns

Boobs in the City falls into the category of “sexy doujin”, and has everything to appeal to anime and hentai fans. There are numerous sexy girls, all with different shapes and body types. There's heaps of variety to make sure that everyone can find the type of girl they like best.

This water gun fighting game is incredibly fun and out-there. If the concept seems strange to you, and you prefer regular RPGs, discover our review of Craving Quest instead.

This sex game alternates between several phases, which gives it a pretty interesting rhythm. We never got bored while playing, and we found ourselves desperate to progress in the adventure and build our relationships with the different girls, thus unlocking more and more sexy content. The story is pretty simple: you're coaching a team of 9 girls, who await your orders and will obey them.

To progress, you'll have to go through TPS (third-person-shooter) phases, where 2 teams of 3 girls in some very naughty outfits (and who will undress a little more each time you touch them), have to fight to eliminate their opponents. Elimination allows you to collect EXP and items which will be useful for the next phases, where seduction, charm, and sex are in the spotlight.

Sexy graphics

Boobs in the City provides very good graphics, during each of its game phases. The 3D TPS part is very well done, and the fights are fluid and well animated. The girls' movements and the dynamics of their boobs are super neat, and we very much enjoyed watching them fight (and lose their clothes).

We also really enjoyed the visual novel parts, which takes place mainly in the girls' dormitory. During these phases, you'll create more intimate relationships with your protégés, chatting with them and offering them the gifts you earned during the water battles. You'll be able to seduce them and get sexual favours pretty quickly.

During these parts, beautiful hentai imagery is alternated with steamy 3D sex scenes – both of which will more than arouse even the most perverted of players. Once you add the amazing sound effects that fit well with what we expected from this type of Japanese style game, you have a truly perverse and sexy cocktail that tastes pretty damn good.

Fun and sexy gameplay

The strength of Boobs in the City comes mostly from its gameplay, which pretty much never gets old. All the stages (battles, flirting, sex) follow each other seamlessly, and you'll quickly get caught up in the story where you must coach this team of hot girls and lead them to victory.

You have a panel of crazy and wacky weapons at your disposal and the more you play, the more options and money you'll unlock. The latter will be mostly used to buy gifts for your little protégés, who become naughtier with every gift you offer. This vicious circle means you'll quickly get hooked on this hentai game, on its story, and on the development of each girl, who all have their own storyline and personality.

Note that it is possible to play with other players, to add friends, and to share outfits and discoveries with the Boobs in the City community.

Our opinion on Boobs in the City

Our opinion on Boobs in the City is generally very positive, and all the ingredients of this cocktail (hentai style girls, cute little outfits, water guns and a dormitory where you are the only man) work perfectly together.

We really appreciate the work done on the visuals and the soundtrack, as well as the beautiful hentai images and the 3D sex scenes which you take full control of. All these things come together for a well-made and addictive game.

If you take your mission to heart and want to get to know each of your protégés in-depth, spend some time discovering this excellent game.


  • The variety of the gameplay
  • Superb 3D graphics
  • The beautiful hentai images
  • The active and vibrant community


  • Very addictive


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