Fuck Fantasy


Fuck Fantasy

Tired of sex games that take you to far away fantasy realms and make you fuck half-dragon half-woman doggy style? Sometimes simple is just as nice! That's why today we present you with an extremely good sex game for those who just want to fuck. No blah, just good sex - and the chicks of Fuck Fantasy will not leave you indifferent! Read on to find out more about this unusual game that's just looking to get you hard and fast.

What is the game Fuck Fantasy about ?

Fuck Fantasy is a 3D porn game that is played online. No complex gameplay or storyline to follow, no monsters or hybrids: with Fuck Fantasy, discover the best ultra-realistic sex game for those who like things to be simple!

Impressive graphics

Fuck Fantasy is a very realistic porn game: the girls you are going to fuck especially! Their faces, their bodies, the way they move, talk and respond to your every body movement… you won't last long, we assure you! You might even end up wondering if this is real life or not! Whatever woman you're dreaming of, you'll be able to quickly get into the action and feel like you're in the protagonist's shoes while he's having fun with her.

For an even more realistic experience, try VR porn games such as VR FuckDolls or SexEmulator !

Customize and fuck : make all your dreams come true with Fuck Fantasy !

Customization is the big positive point of Fuck Fantasy. Let's start by saying that the interface and customization process is very modern and easy to navigate. It's true that Fuck Fantasy doesn't allow you to create unconventional characters (like monsters or trans women), but if you dream of a woman with a particular style, you could create her here. But that's not all! With Fuck Fantasy, the goal is to truly create an experience of your own that fulfills your fantasies. That's why you can also choose details like where the action will take place, what kind of sex (multiple practices like anal, BDSM…) and which position you like the most, how to finish (cumshot, facial…).

It's a sex game that doesn't try to reinvent the wheel: the gameplay is simple, and we like it that way !

How to play ?

To start playing Fuck Fantasy and bring your fantasies to life, just click on the link opposite. On the homepage, you will have to give some information before proceeding to the game. First, you will be shown a warning: the explicit nature of these games may offend the sensibilities of some, and even be dangerous for people with health problems. Make sure you are prepared to see some shocking images !

Next, you should choose between four beautiful chicks: Devon, Ashley, Jenna and Grace. They are all amazing! Next, you will have to choose your ability: licking balls, sucking deeply, anal or squirting.

All that's left to do is to create your account and check that you are of age before you can start your adventure !

Our final opinion on Fuck Fantasy

Our opinion on this XXX game seems globally very positive : the graphics are among the best we have seen in a sex game these last years, especially on a game which offers you a free trial !

The scenario creation process is superb, you can really make a game to your liking that meets all your desires. The women turn out to be not only ultra realistic, but also ultra good! You don't see bodies like this very often !

If you love hardcore sex, and want to start creating your dream scenario, play Fuck Fantasy now !


  • An ultra realistic game
  • A large choice of women
  • Very simple gameplay
  • Multiple fantasies
  • No talk, only fucking !


  • You must be 18 years old to play
  • No unconventional women


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