Craving Quest


Craving Quest

In Craving Quest, a Hentai-style 3D RPG, you will take control of different characters that you will guide in their adventures, between fights, development of affinities and very sexy scenes. We give you our opinion on Craving Quest, its gameplay, its graphics and its particularities, which should please the amateurs of naughty games.

Presentation of Craving Quest, a very sexy RPG

The story of Craving Quest takes place in the world of Skyland, and you will follow the adventures of Zoe, Jacques, and Achilles. These three childhood friends will face many challenges and you will accompany them in their adventures, during 7 chapters that give the title a very good lifespan (over 200 hours !).

From moving around in this 3D universe, with a vast map and an exciting universe, to fights that will require you to choose the right strategies by using the skills of each player, all interspersed with very hot Hentai scenes, there is plenty to do.

You will come across various enemies, and you will be able to recruit more than 100 playable characters, to vary the teams and develop links with your favorite heroes. Of course, the more affinity you have with certain female members, the more sexual pleasures you can indulge in with them.

Hentai graphics and images

Craving Quest is surprisingly well designed on all levels. The 3D game phases are very nice and J-RPG fans will not be lost. We meet various monsters, we meet sexy characters throughout the adventure and it is with a certain pleasure that we go through the new zones that are unlocked little by little.

As part of the story, sex scenes - soft and harder - punctuate the course of the adventure and your heroic acts will be rewarded in a very nice way by the naughty girls who accompany you.

This translates into beautiful CGI hentai scenes and still images with text that give a very appreciable erotic touch at certain moments. The outfits of the female characters are made to emphasize their shape and the wide choice of characters will allow all players to satisfy their desires with the ones that excite them the most. Add to that the sound effects and the naughty soundtrack for a high level of achievement. If you like the genre, check out our review of Boobs in the city !

A successful gameplay

In Craving Quest, you will alternate between missions that advance the story - interesting enough to keep you on the edge of your seat - and more naughty scenes, where the characters develop much more intimate relationships.

As you gain experience, you'll unlock new skills to use in battle, special techniques specific to each character, and you'll need to use them skillfully in battle, especially against the Bosses.

One of the strengths of this porn RPG is its variety. There is never a dull moment and the Hentai sex scenes that you discover very regularly will make you want to test all the possibilities that are offered to you, and to discover the sexual desires of the different fighters who support you.

Sometimes cute, sometimes crude, Craving Quest never falls into the very hard (like some hentai) and it is appreciable, for an adventure able to satisfy as much the players in search of a good RPG as those who want to take pleasure.

Our opinion on Craving Quest

We can only give a positive opinion about Craving Quest, which skilfully combines two genres: the RPG and the sex game. We quickly get into the game, with a constant desire to go further to unlock more and more sexy scenes.

The graphics and the soundtrack are very good and the gameplay, varied, allows to go through the adventure without ever having the feeling of repeating itself.

A very good hentai game, to discover as soon as possible.


  • Over 100 playable characters
  • The bonds that develop between the characters
  • Quality hentai scenes
  • A long adventure, switching between fights, exploration and sex


  • Many items to manage
  • The slow evolution of some fighters


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