Gay Harem

Today, we'd like to present a very popular X-rated game by the name of Gay Harem. This incredible game was designed in a Japanese manga-style aesthetic, and was exclusively made for gay men. It's in the same vein as games such as Hentai Heroes, which is sort of a “straight version” of Gay Harem. The two games are pretty similar, except for a few details, notably the difference in sexual orientation.

Through this review, discover a detailed description of the game, as well as our honest opinion and user experience.

What is Gay Harem ?

Gay Harem is a free online pornographic game designed solely for the pleasure of gay men. Unlike many other games, not only will you not have to pay a penny to get access to the game, but you don't even have to play during a free trial : Gay Harem is 100% free to play. Get access to a huge amount of hot and steamy gay sex scenes with these beautiful anime guys upon registration!

Like all sex games, Gay Harem is not for players under 18 years old. It's also highly recommended that people suffering from heart problems and/or are prone to epileptic seizures do not play this type of game. Some of the more hardcore scenes could easily shock more sensitive players.

If you are familiar with the game Hentai Heroes, you'll notice pretty fast that the two are very similar. You're plunged into the shoes of a young high school student who is curious to experience some homosexual fun. Set off on a long and somewhat rocky journey, where you'll have to face challenges and earn rewards in order to progress further. Every city you enter is full to bursting of sexy looking men, and trust me, you're going to want to have sex with them all. To do so, you must accept and overcome every challenge you're extended. The goal of the game is to fuck a maximum of hot gay guys, all while gathering the best among them, in order to form a harem of the sexiest and highest-performing men out there.

The rewards you win in the game allow you to customize your character and level him up to make him stronger. With this virtual currency, you can also buy things like extra energy and save time on the game. The more you level up, the more hardcore and dirty sexual practices you'll discover (hence the importance of completing all the challenges).

How to play Gay Harem

So up until now we've kept you interested in the game thanks to the incredibly sexy concept of the game. Now, it's time to give you a few details on how to register and to start playing this steamy sex game.

To register, just go to the game's website by clicking the link to your left. You'll be shown a short video that guarantees it'll get you in the mood. In this video, you'll first see your character watching two men having hot sex through a door – but bad luck! As soon as you start getting horny, you get caught by another guy, who then offers you a challenge. He playfully offers you the chance to penetrate him – but only if you manage to catch him! Are you aroused yet? Then go ahead and register.

That's right – to start playing, you'll first have to register and create your account by inputting your email address, name and desired password. All that's left is to start playing and having some X-rated fun.

We'd like to remind you that the game is 100% free, unlike some games that only offer a trial period. Therefore, when you register you will not be asked to insert your credit card details. You can play freely without fear of unexpected payments on your bank account.

A multi-platform game: play on a cellphone or tablet

This well-designed online sex game provides a simple and pleasant gaming experience. The controls are incredibly easy, and it is moving around the map is simple and effective. Moreover, another positive thing about the game (especially for the impatient gamers among you that are too lazy to install games), is that the game is compatible with phones and tablets. Gay Harem doesn't require a download in any case, so there's no need to install anything to access it. You just need to have an updated flash player to open the game.

On computer, mobile, Android or Apple, you can experience the pleasures of gay sex anywhere, any time. We still recommend playing on a PC however, since this means you can enjoy a larger image and see more detail. It's always nicer to see a beautiful cock in close-up after all.

Our opinion on the graphics and sound effects

The Hentai mode

The Hentai mode is a real advantage to this game, which plunges the player into the world of Japanese manga. For manga and anime fans, you'll really love seeing these characters in full ecstasy. For the newcomers, we're pretty sure you'll quickly fall for the charms of this stylistic choice. The 2D graphics are very clean, and definitely put all the attention on the hot men's bodies. Enjoy shiny, muscular torsos and big hard dicks.

This awesome game (that has been designed for the pleasure of gay men), combines a fantasy world, strategy, and sex. It's a real pleasure to play. Let yourself be carried away by the enjoyment of watching sexy men in ever more extreme positions. Anilingus, hardcore sex or fellatio? Make your choice! Everything is taken care of to ensure you enjoy your time with these gorgeous males. You'll come across men of all types and builds in the game: brunette, blond, thin, muscular, there's really something for everyone.

Try to gather the sexiest and strongest characters and take charge of a harem of the sexiest men alive.

Graphics and sound effects

We're sure you'll agree with us when we say that a well-crafted visual experience and realistic sound effects are essential to getting fully aroused. This is the only thing we could maybe mention about this game, which otherwise has everything going for it. Some of the visual details of the game may have been slightly neglected, and lack finishing touches. The same goes for the soundtrack, which quickly ends up getting slightly repetitive, which is a little disappointing.

Apart from the lack of detail, the visuals are still smashing and won't affect your enjoyment of the story.

Our final opinion on Gay Harem

This porn game dedicated to men's pleasure is incredible. Whether you are gay, or simply curious to discover new sexual practices, we highly recommend this game without hesitation.

The storyline is extremely gripping, and you'll likely become addicted pretty quickly. Go on an adventure and take on challenges that will open the doors to new realms of pleasure. With these guys straight out of a high quality Japanese manga, and each of them sexier than the last, let yourself be guided and enjoy hardcore sex.

Finally, remember that the game is totally free and compatible with all platforms, so you can play whenever and wherever you want. However, don't forget that this sex game is forbidden to minors and people who suffer from heart problems.

We must admit, some of the scenes are so hot that they could shock some sensitive players.


  • Beautiful game, designed for gays
  • Hentai mode
  • Lots of sex scenes
  • 100% free


  • Repetitive soundtrack


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