The fister


The Fister

Interested in porn games inspired by TV shows? Read on for our detailed description of The Fister, the parody of The Witcher. At the end of the page, you will also find our overall opinion on the game.

It is very fashionable right now to take popular TV shows or video games and make a porn parody. This allows you to find your characters in various sexy scenarios, and to imagine yourself fucking them. This is the case of The Fister game, which was inspired by The Witcher game series but also the TV show of the same name. Let us tell you that we were immediately converted by this pornographic parody! The game adds a touch of sex to this fantasy universe, and the mix of both elements is very enticing.

What is The Fister?

The name does not refer to the practice of fisting, do not fall into the trap: fisting refers to the practice of inserting your entire fist into your partner's hole(s). Here, the developers simply found a silly pun with the original series The Witcher.

In this game, you'll find yourself immersed in the universe of The Witcher, which has been successfully translated into a porn game. Meet your favourite characters like Geralt, Yennefer and Triss. In The Fister, you will be able to live an adventure full of magic. The goal is to complete missions while sleeping with a maximum of sexy characters. For fans of the show, you will be happy to be plunged into the atmosphere of the show and be with your favourite characters, while newcomers will fall under the spell of the characters' bodies either way.

The Fister: our opinion on the graphics and sound effects

By taking inspiration from The Witcher series, the game did not seek to distinguish itself from the original, but to make it even better by adding a sexual dimension. The graphics have been worked on to make the sex scenes look more realistic for more pleasure.

In spite of a big effort made on the visuals, the quality is not yet perfect. Games like Bangerlands 3 or Red Bed Seduction have definitely been worked on for a longer time: the details and bodies are much more realistic. However, The Fister is not far behind: the use of HTML5 and 3D puts us directly into the action. It's easy to imagine penetrating the characters of the game when they stand naked in front of you. The bodies are very well-made, and we have no problems recognizing the protagonists as well as the famous locations from the show or game.

Special mention for the sex scenes, where even the smallest detail has not been left to chance. Indeed, you'll see women's faces in full orgasm, men's cocks cumming with full force, boobs moving at the rhythm of the penetration, and so on.

Finally, add to these scenes moans that are very close to reality, which can go up to cries of pleasure and it's guaranteed ecstasy. On the sound front, we can say that The Fister is incredibly satisfying.

Our overall opinion on The Fister

The Fister is a very successful sex parody, and is totally free! You'll even have the possibility to choose the intensity of the sexual intercourse. It's aimed at a wide audience with very varied fantasies. The only drawback is that, as it is a pornographic game, you do have to be of legal age to register.

Rediscover the world of The Witcher and the fantasy atmosphere with a captivating plot, accompanied by a ton of hard sex!

Whether you are a fan or not of the show, you will quickly fall under the spell of the naughty heroines and their bewitching curves. So go ahead and sign up today!


  • The Witcher fantasy atmosphere is well transcribed
  • Free to play
  • Quality sound effects


  • Forbidden to those under 18 years old


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