Red Bed Seduction


Red Bed Seduction

In this article we give you a detailed analysis of the naughty game Red Bed Seduction, and one thing is sure that you will not be disappointed.

Were you already hot when you rode a horse in the desert in the video game Red Dead Redemption ? We can't imagine the temperature when you discover Red Sex Seduction, the porn parody of the game. In this article where we give you all the information about this game with a thousand and one positions! Opinions, advice, analysis, you will have all the elements to spend a more than naughty moment alone or with others. Drop your gun, take your sex and go for the adventure !

Red Bed Seduction : What is it ?

If you are a connoisseur of porn parodies you already know that there are tons of them. From Fucknite to Narcos XXX to Bangerlands3, there is no shortage of choice. Some of them are of excellent quality and the designers are working hard to try to make better games.

This is the case of the sex parody Red Bed Seduction, a fuck game based on the video game Red Dead Redemption.

Dive into an adventure in the heart of the Far West where the heat will be at its maximum. Indeed in this game you will play as John, a Cowboy, whose role is to save the city, but not only, you understood it. On horseback and wandering from town to town, your role will be to rid the city of the evil ones and fuck a maximum of girls along the way. The game offers you the role that everyone has always dreamed of, a brave hero who can fuck all the women he wants.

This game is inspired by the classic version, so you will have the chance to meet your favorite characters. Imagine yourself straddling Bonnie or Annie, the game's essential characters, and make them moan until they are breathless. In the game you will be looking for friends or enemies to kill, in either case each encounter will lead to hard sex scenes, or even big orgies in the middle of the Wild West.

Red Bed Seduction : top graphics and sound effects !

We can't talk about Red Bed Seduction without mentioning the quality of the graphics. The parody takes up with quality the universe of the game and it's a pleasure to see! Although some sex games neglect the quality, it is not the case of Red Bed Seduction which takes us straight to the desert.

Very well done graphics

Whether it is for the settings, the characters or the attributes of the characters, nothing has been spared. The bodies are realistic and let appear curves that will make the most naughty salivate. Experience a blowjob as if you were there and see your cock going back and forth in the mouth of the characters. The experience is fantastic and the challenge of bringing emotions to life through a game is largely met !

For hard sex lovers, you will not be disappointed by observing every detail of the penetration. A real visual and sensory pleasure. Add to that the moans of women in full orgasm and it's guaranteed ecstasy.

Realistic sound effects

Already the visual quality is there, the game has done a lot by adding to that more than realistic sounds. The sound quality is exceptional and transports us directly into a sexual romp in the desert. For maximum pleasure, we recommend that you play with headphones or earphones. Thanks to this trick the sound will come directly out of your ears, you will not thank later.

Between the excellent visuals and the perfect sound effects, it's a wave of pleasure that you'll get in your face.

The intensity of the reports

We don't hide the fact that some scenes are real hard fucking and you can sometimes see some aggressive scenes. For the softest of you, don't worry, the intensity of the reports is adjustable in this game. When you register you only have to specify your preferences, there will be something for everyone.

Indeed in this game it is possible to adjust the intensity of the gears and here again it is a good point. Despite an age limit of 18 years, this game is for everyone. It will please both hardcore sex enthusiasts and people who prefer more sober practices.

Advantages and disadvantages of Red Bed Seduction

Our opinion is more than positive and we recommend you this game 100%. The universe of the game is well transcribed, and of quality. The game and the reports are very realistic which promises a guaranteed fun game.

As for the negative points, we would say that the progress in the game is a little too fast.


  • Well-researched universe
  • Choice of the intensity of the reports
  • Very realistic image and sound


  • The game moves quickly
  • Forbidden for children under 18 years old


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