Bangerlands 3


Bangerlands 3

These days, there are more and more high quality games on the sex game market. So, to stand out, game designers often choose to parody a successful TV Show or video game when they're creating a porn game. This is also the case for the next game we'd like to present to you: Bangerlands 3, which is a porn parody of the video game Borderlands 3. After reading our complete review of Bangerlands 3 and our overall opinion – as well as user testimonials – you'll have a good idea of the ins and outs of the game before you start playing. Read our full review below.

Presenting: Bangerlands 3

You'll immediately find yourself playing as a male character, and you'll be able to have sex with all your favourite Borderlands characters right from the get-go. This game is on the more extreme / hardcore sex side, and it's not currently possible to change the intensity level. Unlike in some other games such as VR Fuckdolls, where you can adjust the intensity to your mood, with Bangerlands 3, there's only hardcore porn. Between bondage, fellatio, and quite a bit of anal sex, this game is full of the most hardcore and intense sexual practices you can imagine – there's certainly something to delight all hardcore fans and fetish lovers.

What's the goal of Bangerlands 3 ?

Much like the original game Borderlands 3, this parody is an adventure game – but this time, with a few hot sexual adventures sprinkled in. To progress through the game, you'll have to accomplish lots of different missions (sexual ones, obviously). The better you perform during these sexy encounters, the faster you will progress through the levels and unlock more content. As with most other porn games, you can design your partner and customize her until she's perfect, and suits your personal tastes.

Our opinion on the Bangerlands 3 graphics quality and realism

Bangerlands 3 really provides players with the cream of the crop when it comes to graphics and sound effects. That's right, the creators certainly didn't resign themselves to a basic and mid-level graphics or sound quality, as these are two pretty important aspects of a good pornographic video game. Both the sound and the image quality allow you to feel fully plunged into the adventure, and like you're in the skin of the hero.


If you've ever played Borderlands 3, you'll know that the visual quality and awesome graphics was one of its strongest points. The designers of the porn parody have also relied heavily on high quality graphics: the curves of the female characters are perfectly sculpted for maximum viewing pleasure. The same goes for the sex scenes, which have been beautifully crafted in full 3D. You'll really feel like you're fucking these characters in real life.

The soundtrack

It may be obvious to those who've played this type of game before that in porn games, the sound quality is perhaps even more important than it is in classic video games. The better the quality of your partner's screams, the more exciting the sex scenes. Everything is perfectly audible, even your different sexual partner's heavy breathing. Get ready to hear the person you're fucking as they scream with pleasure – trust us, it really ramps up the fun.

Our overall opinion of Bangerlands 3

This is a hardcore and fairly extreme sex game, which is recommended only for extreme sex lovers. The violence is not only frequent, but pretty extreme, and the general public should be warned of this before starting. Nevertheless, this game provides players with a unique atmosphere thanks to its beautiful graphics and its great sound quality. You'll be immersed in a world of crazy sexual adventures, and of a huge variety of practices and positions, all for your pleasure.


  • The game is free to play
  • Many different sexual adventures
  • High quality graphics and sound


  • Some scenes are extremely hardcore


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