Step Family Simulation


Step Family Simulation

If you've ever dreamed of having sex with your sexy stepsister or banging your mother-in-law, then Step Family Simulation is the game for you. The title tackles the forbidden fantasy of family fucking and allows you to make all the fantasies you might have in mind become reality. This hardcore game provides a huge amount of freedom to the player, and promises a memorable experience. Today, we're going to present its graphics and gameplay, before giving you our opinion on this very unique sex simulator.

Presenting Step Family Simulation, an X-rated family sex game

Among the most recurrent fetishes for men is the desire to sleep with his hot half-sister, whom he observes in secret when she changes, or with his mother-in-law, who sits comfortable between the Milf and the cougar. This desire can be put into practice with Step Family Simulation.

This sex game has no restrictions, and allows you to play, free of charge, from the browser of your PC. All you have to do is confirm your age (it's way too hardcore to be played by a minor) and start customizing the characters and locations.

Step Family Simulation is, as its name suggests, a family sex simulator. In this field, we already know of Sex Emulator, which is a rather generic game, or games based on fetishes (like Foot Fetish Game for example). This is the first time that we've seen a sex game provide players with the possibility of practising literal incest.

Do you like this idea? Then you'll see that Step Family Simulation provides a lot of enjoyment.

Gameplay and action possibilities

The most exciting thing in a family sex situation is the forbidden, the immoral, the fear of being discovered…and Step Family Simulation plays very well on that kink. You can choose the character (or characters) you will fuck first. Play either as the father-in-law who wants to fuck his daughter-in-law, the son who wants to sleep with his mother-in-law, or the brother who wants to sleep with the little sister.

There is nothing to stop you from varying the situations, mixing it up, and fulfilling your wildest fantasies. What's nice is that the characters all play their roles well. It's really exciting to hear the daughter-in-law asking her father-in-law not to cum inside her "because we're related", or the mother complimenting the size of the son-in-law's dick by explaining that his father isn't as well-built as he is.

This really reinforces the sensation of immersion, and you can set up the scenarios that excite you the most using the different controls on-screen. Icons allow you to choose the sexual practices you want to perform (blowjob, doggy style, anal, standing sex...), the locations (daughter-in-law's bed, couple's room, high school, work...), and the methods to use (your hands, a penis, or toys).

There are even special abilities to unlock as you go along through the accumulation of experience points. The more you play, the more options you'll unlock, and it's hard to stop playing when you start opening up new possibilities.

Ultra arousing graphics

The graphic quality of Step Family Simulation is pretty incredible, gives the impression of watching a good porn film. All the 3D animations are incredibly well done, and are very exciting. With well highlighted bodies and details like tattoos, hairiness, faces that tense up, hands clutching a sheet – every detail adds a new degree of pleasure.

It is possible to interact with all parts of the girls bodies, to perform any sexual actions that come to mind. Each part will react differently, whether you slap, spank, or penetrate an area. It's a lot of fun, and scenarios are vastly more immoral than others.

Finally, note that if the music is slightly boring, the voices are very arousing! The sound effects are impressive, and if you close your eyes for a moment, you'll be totally immersed in these sexual adventures among family members.

Our opinion on Step Family Simulation

Naughty, off-limits, sometimes hardcore, Step Family Simulation is an excellent sex game that allows many players to make one of the most common fantasies among males become a reality. There are no limits to this game, and it'll do everything it can to immerse you in a world of depravity and incest.

With a very well-thought-out gameplay, beautiful graphics and large variety of customization possibilities, there's plenty of room for hot and steamy encounters in the company of a kinky mother-in-law, or your charming stepsister.


  • Nothing is off limits, and there's no shame
  • Wide range of actions to perform
  • Well detailed animations
  • Free to play


  • Can be considered immoral by some


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