Foot Fetish Simulator


Foot Fetish Simulator

Some men like big breasts, others fantasize about small bouncy asses, but you, your pleasure is the feet? Then this Foot Fetish Game should enchant you. We present you this very naughty title, which will allow a lover of small feet to realize all his sexual fantasies. Graphics, possible actions, staging, advantages and disadvantages, we tell you everything.

Foot Fetish Game, an X title to get your kicks

All men have a fetish, more or less rare, more or less hard, and it is pleasant to be able to find a sex game that corresponds to our desire.

We know that mommy-to-be lovers can play a pregnancy sex game, that BDSM fans can go for a sex slave game, and we are delighted to discover that a Foot Fetish game exists! Lovers of Footjobs, toe cumming, toe sucking or penis massage with your feet, you're in for a treat.

This very naughty title can be played for free and you only need to be of age to access it. Then, you will discover a world where pleasures and feet are mixed, with many possibilities. In addition to the main title, you will be able to access dozens of softs related to foot fetishism, if you don't have enough!

In this game, there are girls of all ages and styles to have fun with, and a little phrase often sums up their desires or special ability. Holly will tell you that she likes to step on your sex to make you cum, while Kristy allows you to sniff her sports socks.

This original sex game quickly proves to be addictive and if you love feet, shoes, socks, and want to fulfill your wildest fantasies, you'll love this Foot fetish game.

Multiple sexual practices with feet

In this title where feet are king, you will meet women who will stop at nothing to satisfy your desires. For your part, you'll just have to define your preferences, choosing the partner or partners that excite you the most, before determining the location of the action.

There is no storyline as such in this Foot Fetish game, but you can create your own scenarios. By choosing the place and the protagonists, you'll just have to use your imagination to take part in naughty or more hardcore fucks, with all the existing foot fetish practices. The more you play, the more you unlock !

You will be able to control the action with a simple click on an icon, to ask a girl to stroke your penis with the tip of her feet, slowly, to have her masturbate you by wrapping her two feet around your sex, you will be able to fuck her by grabbing her feet to lick them or even rub yourself against her legs to cum in her shoes or between her toes

The possibilities are numerous, and it's a safe bet that a Foot Fetish game lover will spend many hours exploring the practices offered by this title.

Top level graphics

Very complete in terms of possibilities, this porn game for foot fetishists also enjoys a very good realization. Graphically, it's very clean, with a 3D that sublimates the bodies. Of course, special attention has been paid to the feet and they are screaming with realism. Sometimes you feel like touching the screen to grasp them or to feel them !

We salute the quality of the animations, well detailed, which remind us that it is the same developers as those of the very good JerkDolls. The breasts shake, the feet and the toes touch the penis, get wet with the tongue, bend under the caresses, for very intense sex scenes.

With a naughty soundtrack and the invective of your partners, always ready to excite you by praising the merits of their feet or by explaining what they can do with them, this Foot Fetish game knows how to raise the temperature at full speed.

Our final opinion of Foot Fetish game

Our opinion on this Foot Fetish game is positive, and there is no doubt that it will delight the most naughty among you. If you want to realize all your sexual desires in relation to feet, socks, shoes, you will be able to do it without limits and without taboos in this very well made 3D title.

Diversity is the order of the day, with a wide variety of female models, each with their own speciality, and you can unlock new possibilities as you progress. With the choice of locations, the multiple positions at your disposal, the customization of the girls and a very successful modeling of the feet (and bodies), fans of the genre should have a great time discovering this title.


  • The variety of practices for foot fetishists
  • Very good 3D, with nice animations
  • The abilities of each girl
  • You can play for free


  • Premium account required to access the full catalog


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