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Sex Emulator

Have you ever dreamed of creating the perfect woman physically, who would fulfill all your needs and fantasies ? Unattainable in real life, it was until now impossible to do it even in virtual, because no porn game had the technical capabilities to offer you this pleasure. But those days are over! With SexEmulator - an ultra-realistic sex simulator - you will be able to model the girl of your dreams, train her, develop her sexual abilities in certain areas, until she becomes a sex goddess who will respond to your every desire. Are you tempted ?

Discover our opinion on SexEmulator and the advantages of this ultra-realistic porn game, which guarantees you hours of pleasure.

Note: why wait to try it? It's free, so go ahead and bring your fantasies to life without delay !

SexEmulator, the best sex simulator ever created ?

All men who love beautiful girls have already imagined that they have at their disposal a super sexy girlfriend with a dream body who would never say no when it comes to performing various sexual fantasies. Unfortunately, it's not that simple in real life! In order to have fun without taking the head, the ideal would be to have a very realistic sex simulator, able to give a maximum of pleasure to its users. This is what SexEmulator offers ! But is it as pleasant as that ?

There's no need to beat around the bush for hours: Yes, SexEmulator is terribly exciting! In this porn simulator, you can create the perfect woman, via parameters that we detail in the rest of this SexEmulator review, you will define her sexual abilities, her specialties, and you will fuck her whenever you want. The more you play, the more she becomes addicted to sex and you'll have a virtual naughty girl ready to satisfy all your desires.

We'll explain it all to you, before you go off to shape the woman of your dreams !

An ultra complete porn simulator

SexEmulator is a real sex simulator, which offers you the commands from A to Z. To begin with, you have to create the girl who will accompany you in your sexual games. And right from the start, we realize that it is very complete !

Start by selecting the difficulty level, which will influence the experience your virtual girlfriend gains during the sex phases, and then move on to the character creator. It's 100% free and you should be amazed at the level of detail you can set.

You'll choose your girlfriend's name, where she's from (she can be Caucasian, Asian or African), her hair color (for me it's blonde, but you can opt for black hair, or red hair for those who like it), as well as her breast shape. Whether you like small breasts or big breasts, you can choose! Your actions change your woman in real time, while she is already wiggling and smiling at you, ready to seduce you and please you.

Now you have to define the sexual parameters of your beauty, which we will call here Her Talents !

Create the woman of your dreams !

The concept of SexEmulator is based on the creation of a very realistic sex doll, which will evolve according to your practice. She will gain experience, become more agile, and you will gradually have at your disposal a sex bomb able to make you cum as you want. But to get there, you have to start by giving her some basic skill points for your first experiences.

In the creation module, you have 300 points, to be distributed in one of the following categories :

  • Blowjob, so that she masters this art
  • Spanking, and she'll love to be slapped in the ass
  • Anal, to see her stick dildos in her and enjoy sodomy
  • Feet, if you want her to use her feet to make you feel good
  • You are free to make a balanced girl, who will be able to give good blowjobs, who will enjoy spanking, who will know how to play with her anus and caress you with her feet, so as to vary the pleasures in moderate ways. It's the right choice, to start with a realistic girlfriend. But you can just as easily make her an expert in one area, even if it means training her in other practices later!

You would like her to be a goddess of fellatio? Give her 100 points in this field and she'll give great blowjobs, just like an X-rated actress! Are you a foot fetishist? Increase her experience in the bar dedicated to that and she could give you a crazy pleasure by caressing you with her little toes while moaning. Each player will have his or her own style and desires and that's the strength of this sex simulation game: it will delight all the gamers who love sex !

Let's see, in the rest of this review on Sexemulator, how to put into practice the talents of your newly created girl.

PS: you want to create your perfect girl right now? Do it for free and start training her!

SexEmulator gameplay review
As mentioned above, this sex simulator is meant to be as complete as possible and you'll understand this by clicking on Play, after you've finished creating your girl.

The menu that appears, on the left (because the naked girl is on the right, and she talks to you and incites you to ask her what you want… !) is composed of 6 entries, for a total customization of your fantasies.

First, you can choose the background of the scene, to replace the basic bed on which your virtual girlfriend is at the beginning. You have the choice at the beginning between a bedroom, the beach, a school, a castle… to vary the pleasures. Then, it is the camera that you can change. This allows you to be like a porn movie director, zooming in and out, changing the shots, in order to admire your splendid creature from every angle, while she is indulging in solo pleasures or doing you good. 5 angles of view are available !

In addition to the choice of characters, which we'll come back to below, you can adjust the intensity of the action. From soft to extreme, this allows you to raise the temperature, by watching your creation gently shove an anal plug in at the beginning, for example, and then asking her to speed up by increasing the intensity. It won't be long before she's moaning, giving you a wild ride.

Finally - and this is the most important element! - you'll have a whole range of actions you can perform. From a simple naughty kiss to spankings, from tentacles to a breast massage, from penetration with a dildo to a blowjob simulation… The beginnings are hot and the more you play, the more possibilities you will have. We have rarely seen more motivating !

And as we will detail in the next part of this review on SeXemulator, the realization follows, to give this title all the excitement it promises!

SexEmulator review : top level realization and surprises !

A good sex game must be beautiful, because the more real it is, the more exciting it will be. We praised the VRFuckdolls title in our review and we can only be blown away by the degree of realism of the girls in SexEmulator ! It's simple, from the facial expressions to the textures, from the dynamics of the breasts to the movement of the hips, everything is exquisite !

We have never seen a sex simulation game so well done! Not only is it a real graphical success, but the soundtrack follows! The music remains basic, let's admit it, but this is not the case of your character's voice, which seems to have been recorded by an X actress or by a damn naughty girl; she addresses you, provokes you, invites you to play with her and her little cries of pleasure will not leave you unmoved. A total success that should inspire many games!

Not to spoil anything, this game for adults even has the luxury of proposing female characters already created… among famous heroines! We find Princess Leia (as in the parody game Star Whores), but also the sexy Daenerys from the Game of Thrones series, the charming Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter saga, or Black Widow, which will delight Scarlett Johannson fans ! More than appreciable bonuses, which allow players to expand their field of fantasies !

SexEmulator : the best sex simulation game

Our opinion of SexEmulator is very positive and we could even say that it is without a doubt the most advanced sex simulator ever designed. For the first time, you will be able to realize all your fantasies with a virtual creature that looks like a real woman, and not just a bunch of pixels as it was the case for a long time in sex games, and this gives it a unique atmosphere.

This game is aimed at all types of naughty people, adults of course, who will find something to satisfy their desires. From the most common practices to some much harder sexual specialties (and even the tentacles dear to hentai lovers…!), there is something for everyone and we must admit that making your virtual wife a sex bomb, more and more talented, is a real pleasure.

If you have desires to realize, soft, BDSM (there are handcuffs…!), hardcore, fun, naughty… This is the game you need! Test it without waiting by creating the girl of your dreams for free and play with her. You will see that she will know perfectly how to seduce you !


  • One of the best sex graphics ever made
  • Famous characters to fuck
  • A variety of sexual positions


  • Paid game once the free trial is over


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