Pornstar Harem

If you've ever wanted to be a pornstar, to be in the eye of the camera and make women scream while you are being observed, you will love PornStar Harem! Discover this game that's a perfect mix of video games and X-rated movies that will make you hard from the first second.

Allow us to give you a little presentation of this hardcore sex game as well as our honest opinion. Play the role of a famous porn actor with a huge dick, with which you will make many chicks scream.

What is PornStar Harem ?

To put it simply, it's an incredible sex game in which you'll play as the main actor in X-rated movies. This game was developed by a porn film studio, so you can rest assured that the game has been made with good knowledge of the industry. Multiple pornstars have consulted in the development of the game, which has resulted in an ultra realistic and exciting experience. All practices and positions are possible in Pornstar Harem: there is no censorship and no restrictions! Rest assured, you will be able to make all your wildest fantasies come true.

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Our opinion on the visuals and gameplay

The goal of PornStar Harem is simple: build your harem of hot women and create porn movies with them. The women you choose for your harem will be the actresses in your movies, so choose wisely and select hot and experienced women. All the women will have to fuck you, since the only man in the game. Note that you will be competing with other X-rated movie actors to get the best girls: recruit the best ones quickly, so they don't get stolen.

In addition to creating your porn movie empire, you'll also develop a cam girl website, a bit like in Cunt Empire. To do this, you'll have to ask for a girl's help: this girl (who will introduce herself to you), will help you enter the world of porn, and help you earn money to invest in your cam girl site.

As for the visuals, PornStar Harem uses real filmed sex scenes, not 3D. This really gives a hyperrealistic feel to the game, and helps you to feel immersed in the whole experience. You'll really feel like you're creating incredible porn movies yourself.

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Our final review of Pornstar Harem

Our review of PornStar Harem is generally very positive: it's an excellent and unique game, and the use of real sex scenes from porn movies is a big plus that adds a touch of realism you can't see anywhere else. The design and interface of the game are both exquisite, and very easy to navigate while being fun and thrilling. The sound effects are also amazing, and the little screams that the girls make will make you go crazy. All the girls are insanely hot, and all of them are skilled. Get the best ones before your competitors take them for their harem!

The game is 100% free, and the story is very well-developed. Also note that several languages are available. Make your dreams come true and become the master of your porn film empire with PornStar Harem. What are you waiting for ?


  • 100% free
  • Incredible sound effects
  • Several languages available
  • Filmed scenes, no 3D
  • The women are extraordinary


  • Gameplay can get a bit boring


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