Cunt Empire


Cunt Empire

Cunt Empire is, in our professional opinion, an incredibly underrated porn game. This game that tactfully combines adventure, strategy, and a great sex scenes has caught our attention, and we hope we'll be able to help it do the same for you. Read on to get our full description and review of Cunt Empire, and learn everything you need to know about this still somewhat unknown game.

What is Cunt Empire ?

From the very first scene in the game, we were already convinced it was going to be awesome. In this naughty cartoon-style game, you play as an X-rated film director. The goal is to shoot a wide variety of porn movies, and collect more and more sexy girls to appear in them. To do this, you'll have to be sure to make all the right choices in order to earn more money. The money you earn in the game can be used to invest in your movies, whether it is in the sets or in hiring new writers and actors, so you can direct and produce even sexier films.

Cunt Empire : opinion on the game's graphics

In Cunt Empire, we're pretty far from the 3D graphics and beautiful detail work featured in lots of the games we review here. This game has opted for a slightly more retro design that really defines the identity of the game. The characters are not particularly realistic, but still very well-made. The curves of the women's bodies are incredibly sensual, and you can see the outline of their genitals through their tight clothing. It is a very stylized design, but no less effective or arousing than the usual 3D.

On the sound side, we are not disappointed either. During the sex, you will have the chance to hear the moans of the women, even cries of pleasure. In addition to that, there is background music that adds a plus to this game. We advise you to play with headphones or earphones to enjoy 100% of the moaning during the game.

What is the strength of this super arousing game ?

We already fell in love with the scenario, and all the little quests and side-quests really spice up the adventure. To advance in the game and unlock more features, you'll have to accomplish a variety of different missions and quests: discover sex toys, organize hot live shows and more – all these quests help you level up.

As a director, you'll have to organize casting calls for the hottest and sexiest girls. The game will certainly meet your expectations: there's a huge and varied choice of girls, all different styles, ethnicities, body types and more. There's really something for everyone to enjoy, from a slim woman to a pretty plump one with a huge ass ; there's even a sporty one for those who like muscles… in total, there are 58 women to choose from.

Choose the intensity

All throughout the game, you'll notice that the developers have tried to create a customizable experience that suits everyone. For the more sensitive, softcore lovers, simply input your preferences when you register. Before the game starts, make sure to input your favourite sexual practices, so the game can adapt to your preferences. From simple penetration all the way to hardcore bondage scenes, every practice and every fantasy is possible.

Our final opinion on Cunt Empire

We 100% recommend everyone tries out this incredible porn game. Unique in every aspect, from the scenario to the graphics, Cunt Empire brings a little (much needed) originality and novelty to the porn game scene. With a wide range of girls and sexual practices to try out, all your deepest desires will be fulfilled with no issue. Moreover, the ability to pick how intense you like the sex to be is a real advantage, and really lets you fully appreciate the porn scenes.

Take on the role of a porn film producer, and live the life of a man with great responsibilities. Use your wits and strategic mind to create your booming sex empire from the ground up.

Keep in mind that, like most pornographic games, Cunt Empire is forbidden to minors under 18.


  • Well thought out gameplay
  • Lots of customization options
  • Addictive and hardcore sex!


  • There is no multiplayer option


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