Jerkdolls offers a simple concept: create the sexy girl of your dreams and realize all your fantasies in her company. You will be able to customize the characters, the scenery and practice sex in all its forms, in this 3D title which shines by its top level realization. We give you our opinion on Jerkdolls, its graphics, its gameplay and its strong and weak points, so that you understand if this sex simulation is made for you.

Presentation of Jerkdolls and its sexy dolls

This porn game is a sex simulator, which offers you to fuck dolls - that is to say, girls that you have created and that will meet all your needs - without limits. You will be the only one in charge and you will be able to realize all your sexual fantasies with superbly modeled creatures.

Jerkdolls won the award for the best sex game of 2021 and it's not surprising, as it has so many qualities: graphics, possibilities, no taboos, great freedom of action…There's enough to spend many hours on this title, which is playable for free, alone or in multiplayer.

To start, you will just have to register, answer the 8 questions you will be asked and you will be ready to launch yourself into this very addictive software.

You'll be asked if you're not the type to be shocked, because the developers have not shied away from anything, you'll be able to choose the type of girl that turns you on (stepsister, mother-in-law, neighbor, Anime characters, etc.), the size of your breasts, your pubic hair, the type of ass and the type of scene that turns you on the most, between Erotic, Hardcore or Extreme.

After checking that you're not underage, you'll just have to start customizing your first sex companion.

Vast creative possibilities

One of the main advantages of Jerkdolls is the customization of your sex partners. You can opt for predefined characters if you're in a hurry to get into action, choosing Rita the Hentai-style brunette, or the sexy blonde Jada, but the essence of the game lies in creating the girl of your dreams.

Jerkdolls' character editor doesn't do things by halves and you'll have dozens of options to bring your fantasy to life: measurements, face, eyes, hair color, tattoos, height, skin color… Enough to please you without restriction.

If you fantasize about pornstars or celebrities, you will find 3D models of some of them in the game. And if your female ideal is not available in the predefined skins, you will just have to create it from scratch. For fetishists, there are niche titles, like this sex slave game or this pregnant woman sex game.

Gameplay and realization

In Jerkdolls, there is no story to follow but rather scenarios, which you will choose yourself. This is a good thing because there are plenty of settings and it's possible to have fun no matter what you have in mind. The game is all about getting laid in every way possible, and the gameplay gives itself a run for its money.

You will be able to control the positions - there are dozens of them -, the type of sex (oral, anal, gang bang, etc.), the speed of penetration, use objects or machines, indulge in S&M fantasies, carry out your most original fetishes, for a result that should satisfy all the naughty people you are.

For a complete immersion, the camera is adjustable as you want and as there is no taboo, you can really let go to enjoy with the virtual dolls of Jerkdolls.

If the gameplay is addictive, the graphic realization is not in rest. Jerkdolls offers very exciting graphics, and we feel that the developers are also big fans of female bodies. The level of detail is amazing and you feel like you're controlling a porn movie. This is true for the settings, but also for the soundtrack that allows you to hear the girls screaming with pleasure when you play with them.

Our opinion on Jerkdolls

Our review of Jerkdolls is very positive ! The title sets the bar very high in terms of realization and customization and it really allows you to have fun, without putting barriers. It is clearly intended for an adult audience because it can show raw or violent sex, and it will delight sex lovers with the wildest desires.

It has the advantage of being playable for free (for the moment, as it is possible that a Freemium model will be created due to its success) and available on PC, smartphone or tablet, for continuous pleasure. You'll just have to save your progress to pick up where you left off.

If you are looking for a sex game to explore unknown pleasures, fulfill fantasies and have fun with girls you like, don't hesitate to start the Jerkdolls adventure. Beware, it's hard to stop!


  • It's free
  • The graphics are sumptuous
  • The freedom of action
  • It's an award-winning game


  • It will certainly not be free forever


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