Sex Slave Game


Sex Slave Game

Fans of bondage and other Sadomasochistic fantasies will be delighted to discover our opinion on this Sex Slave Game, which should please them. You will be able to create a character who will be at your mercy, then play with his body, using a whole panel of actions, to satisfy your needs and give him pleasure. We detail the gameplay of this BDSM game, as well as its strong and weak points.

Presentation of this Sex Slave Game, for domination lovers

If your fetish is domination, sexual slavery, and you like to submit your partner during the act, then this Sex Slave Game (BDSM) is for you. You will be able to model the female character you like, and then subject her to all sorts of vicious pleasures.

The game allows you to create a character, tie her up (with ropes, to a table, on a St. Andrew's cross, etc.), and use a wide range of objects and actions to make your partner scream with pleasure. You can even gag her, if you prefer to focus on your own satisfaction.

To play this Sex Slave game, all you have to do is register for free and you can start your sado-maso sex sessions. Note that you need to be of age, as some of the sex phases, which tend towards torture, might impress the younger ones.

The creation of your slave

If you have very specific tastes in terms of sexual partners, you will be delighted to know that this BDSM Sex Slave game allows you to create your companions.

It's up to you to choose the body type (size of breasts, buttocks, penis if it's a male, body type…), the skin or hair color, and you'll be ready to use this pretty virtual body for your pleasure, with the many means at your disposal in this sex game.

Gameplay that makes you a master

Those who are familiar with bondage, SM pleasures, and other such fantasies, know that the possibilities of giving pleasure and taking it are extremely numerous.

This Sex Slave game leaves nothing out, and you can use your hands, your sex, sex toys and many accessories, sometimes much more incongruous (chains, candle wax, etc…) to satisfy your most naughty desires.

Everything is directed with the mouse, via a well thought-out control screen that contains icons for each action/object, speed sliders, and an ejaculation trigger. It's very addictive!

Graphics and soundtrack

This Sex Slave game is carried by a good graphic realization, with an attention that has been paid to the details. The bodies are very well modeled and you can see and hear the expressions of pain, screams or howls of pleasure on the face, and via particularly exciting sound effects.

You can feel that the developers have mastered their subject, because the sensation of having a real sex slave, available to satisfy you, is striking. Moreover, you will be warned, before starting the adventure, that the game can be very addictive.

Our opinion on this Sex Slave Game

Our opinion on this Sex Slave Game is positive, because the realization and the gameplay are largely up to expectations. However, you have to keep in mind that this is a very violent sex game, with extreme sex and what could be similar to torture, and it should be reserved for an audience that knows what to expect.

If you are one of the informed gamers, and you are a fan of submission and hard domination, then this 3D sex game could quickly become one of your reference softs.


  • A game that assumes its concept
  • The numerous accessories
  • Top level graphics
  • A very exciting soundtrack


  • Torture scenes that can be tough to watch


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