Extreme Simulator

Extreme Simulator does not hide its objective and everything is in the title: sex without limits or taboos, in an extreme simulator that allows the most vicious players to satisfy their wildest desires. We present you this title, exclusively for adults, by detailing its gameplay, its graphics, its strengths and its drawbacks. You will see that for lovers of violent and brutal sex, this is a game that does not lack assets.

Presentation of Extreme Simulator, an extreme porn simulator

3D sex simulators are very popular with the most naughty players, since they give you total control over the action. There are several of them, from the most complete (like Sex Emulator) to the most twisted (like Step Family Simulation), but none of them reaches the degree of intensity of this Extreme Simulator.

Here, nothing is impossible and all you have to do is choose your gender - male or female -, your first partner from among two (for the moment), and set the details of his or her body. The fact that you can model the ass or breasts of the chosen girl, and set the size of your sex, allows you to vary your fantasies.

You will be asked to check your majority to access this title, which warns players: there are very aggressive scenes, violent sex, and a risk of addiction with this Extreme simulator. If you are aware of this, and that very hard sex does not scare you, you just have to dive into this universe where all sexual practices are possible.

Multiple ways to get pleasure with Extreme Simulator

One of the main strengths of Extreme Simulator is that it offers a wide variety of situations. You will be able to define your preferences at the beginning - and modify them throughout your games - with a choice of practices such as Extreme Sex for 2, Gang Bang, domination, role playing. You can create many scenarios, without limits, to satisfy your craziest desires.

In this Extreme simulator, which can be played solo or in multiplayer (via the Premium mode), you will have a wide choice of characters, atmosphere and you will even cross paths with famous heroes, if you like fantasy sex. All you have to do is choose the style you prefer before you start the title, to make your fantasies come true.

In addition to the main title, this extreme porn game gives you access to other mini-titles to vary the pleasures, as well as a large selection of X video. A lot of fun, with extreme virtual sex at your fingertips.

A simple gameplay

When you play an extreme sex simulator, you want to have fun quickly. For that, it is necessary that the handling is simple and it is the case here. With your mouse, which will replace your hand/your sex/the sex toys used, and sexual practices to choose from on the screen, you will be both actor and spectator of the action, which is very exciting.

You are free to choose the positions, from the simplest missionary to hard BDSM, to extreme sex with a level of detail pushed to its paroxysm. The game offers you absolute control and a wide range of options to turn your wildest fantasies into virtual sex on screen.

We appreciate the fact that the game loads directly on the browser, without any download required, which does not prevent it from being technically very successful.

Sound and atmosphere : a good immersion

What often makes the difference between an ordinary sex game and a very addictive sex game is its atmosphere. Some titles plunge you into a known universe (like Narcos XXX, which uses the atmosphere of the eponymous series), while others privilege an atmosphere of their own. This is the challenge taken up by this extreme simulator, which does not shy away from any detail to remind you that you are playing a game that should not be left in all hands.

Graphically first, the title offers a very successful 3D realization. Whether it's the animations or the graphics, we can see brutal sex scenes that look real. The modeling of the bodies, both male and female, is superb and the fluidity is perfect, which gives the impression of having a partner at your disposal. When you play with the camera, switch to POV while giving a hard blowjob or sodomy while your partner is tied to the bed, you'll be right in the middle of the action, for maximum pleasure !

The level of details is sometimes striking, with small welcome attentions: traces of sperm which run and remain during all the lovemaking, scratches on the bodies, buttocks which redden, faces which are deformed… It's hot, hard, extreme, for the greatest joy of the amateurs of violent sex.

Not to spoil anything, the sound effects and the soundtrack of the title accompany well the whole. The music, although classic, sometimes offers a burst of darkness to the darkest and most extreme scenes, but it is mostly the voices of your partners that sublimate the whole. You will hear cries, pleas, screams of pleasure … that will not leave you unmoved.

Our opinion on this Extreme Simulator

This Extreme Simulator is a sex game reserved for an informed public. If our opinion is very positive on this title, you should know that some players could be shocked. There is brutality, submission and domination and it is better to know what to expect.

However, if you like hard, dirty, violent things, if you are excited by screams and sex scenes with many people, and if you like to satisfy your desires without limits thanks to a very well realized 3D game, then there is a good chance that this Extreme simulator is the ideal game for you.


  • The wide range of sexual practices
  • No limits
  • Customizable characters
  • Very good sound effects


  • Unsuitable for players unfamiliar with Extreme Sex


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