If you've always dreamed of immersing yourself in the American Wild West, to play a classy and elegant cowboy or, on the contrary, an outlaw without any morals, then discover our opinion on WestSluts. Here, your gun doesn't matter much because it's through sex that you will impose your law, in this porn game which uses the principle of the series Westworld, namely a giant theme park with sexy humanoids that you can use as you wish. Naughty at times, very hard at others, this sex game has some nice surprises in store for you, as we detail in our impressions of Westsluts !

You will understand why this game is one of the most addictive of the moment and discover that in addition to its main adventure, Westsluts is provided with bonuses that will drive players crazy with pleasure !

PS: Do you want to dive into the Western world that Westsluts offers and fuck your way through ? It's free, so don't wait to indulge yourself !

Westsluts, the porn game derived from Westworld

The TV series Westworld plunged the viewer into a world, that of the Wild West, in which rich visitors came to live adventures, alongside Androids similar to humans but who were not aware of their status. As a result, the men dressed as cowboys could indulge in all sorts of practices, without faith or law, just like in a good Western! This is the concept of Westsluts, which opts for the sexy (and hard!) with an addictive porn game.

If you want to have free fun in this sex game, there are a few caveats to be aware of before jumping into the adventure. First of all, you should know that the game is very addictive, and some of the sex scenes can be brutal. So you'll want to confirm that you're ready for this, before proceeding, as those without strong nerves might be shocked. At least you know what you're getting into !

Then, Westsluts asks you to choose your first naughty playmate, among 4 different sexy ladies that should allow everyone to find their happiness. For example, there is Aliza, a pretty sexy blonde with an eye tattoo, who looks sweet and dangerous at the same time, the gorgeous Kirsta and her femme fatale features, the brunette Janae and her Xena the warrior looks who assumes her rebellious side, or Litzy, a modified punkette of the submissive kind that you will use as you wish.

Choose the girl you like, then select the type of adventure you want to have in Westsluts: Casual? Experienced? These two modes are good for those who want to witness moderate sex scenes, without getting too involved. Hardcore? Brutal? In these two modes, nothing is spared to the player who will be plunged into the action to take part in XXX sex !

All you have to do is immerse yourself in this universe of duels, sex bombs and captivating sex scenes. Let's continue this review on Westsluts with the different ways to have fun !

Westsluts review : sex, guns and X

If you are familiar with the game Read Dead Redemption II which was all the rage last year, then you won't be lost when you lay your hands on Westsluts. We find the universe of the Wild West, its characteristics with horses, stagecoaches, saloons or other brothels, and that will make as many settings to satisfy your most hard desires !

While walking the streets and the prairies, you will come across characters with whom you can interact, and this usually ends up in a fuck party. As a lone wolf, you'll still be able to participate in some serious orgies in the cities if you feel like it. And the possibilities are vast !

An X game avoids making you do the same thing over and over again and the best designed titles are not repetitive, allowing you to have sweet and sexy times, but also to be involved in hardcore sex. In Westsluts, variety is the order of the day and you can customize everything.

Before embarking on an adventure, you'll choose the hot characters you want to meet, you'll define their physique in detail, their character to make them docile, rebellious or downright combative, the right settings to realize your fantasies and you'll be able to put on your cowboy boots and hat to go on the assault of this world where your penis will be your best weapon.

You are free to fuck whoever you want in solo mode, 100% free, but it will be necessary to switch to VIP mode if you ever want to fuck virtually with online players.

When it comes to sex scenes, you'll control all the settings, so you can let your naughty desires run wild in every game. If you're in the mood to get your dick sucked by a native you met in the forest, you'll get your wish in a few clicks. If you'd rather go to the local saloon and bang two prostitutes, mixing lesbian and threesome scenes, do it ! The fun is omnipresent and the pleasure is there, and as we will detail in the rest of this review on Westsluts, you have plenty of choices to vary the pleasures.

Multiple ways to have fun within the game

In addition to its main game featuring sexy cowboys and cowgirls, Westsluts gives access to hundreds of X games and entertainment! What a delight for the virtual sex lovers who will have at their disposal something to occupy themselves for very long hours.

There are a few 3D sex games, not as advanced as the excellent SexEmulator, but they know how to increase the pleasure and allow you to make naughty breaks with the main game. There are also a good number of erotic titles, more soft, to pass the time in good company.

This access portal is also well supplied with porn material, with videos, pictures, hentai and even access to liveshows. Nothing obliges you to touch this if you are focused on sex games but it has the merit to exist! You just have to register for free to benefit from all these elements and have fun !

What we think about the making of Westsluts

Coming back to our opinion on Westsluts, we have to say that the title is very well done graphically. The ass games that manage to offer realistic 3D models and bodies as close as possible to reality will always be the most interesting and this one passes this test with flying colors.

We quickly understand that great attention has been paid to the physical details of the girls in the game and it's with delight that we watch our sex bombs shaking and moaning, performing blowjobs like starving women or taking part in gang bangs with filthy and violent cowboys, in XXX scenes that look better than a porn movie, since you are an actor! The breasts that compress under the men's hands, the wet vaginas that ooze cum after a hard fuck, and the faces distorted by the assaults of the different characters only add to the pleasure and you'll quickly understand why this X title is considered one of the most addictive !

These details are reflected in the modeling of the clothes, the scenery and the whole universe of Westsluts, which makes the sauce take very quickly. You'll be in the Wild West, in immersion, ready to make your dick talk! Obviously, the careful work of the developers is reflected in the music and voices that add to the excitement, and the typical Western sound effects do the rest. If you ever play with headphones on, you'll be in for a treat!

Before concluding this review of Westsluts, let's summarize the strengths and weaknesses of this cowboy ass game !

Advantages and disadvantages

By using the universe of the Westworld series, the porn game Westsluts offers a great universe to get off on and it has many assets to seduce the gamers in search of pleasure. Here is what we like and what we don't like about this sex game !

Our final opinion on Westsluts : for your pleasure only !

It is always pleasant to dive into a fantastic universe, to take pleasure by staging a maximum of fantasies and desires more hard than the others. Some may prefer realism (and they can then turn to VR Fuckdolls, the #1 VR sex game), but those who are attracted by this universe will find with Westsluts a high quality X-rated release.

The world of the Wild West is fascinating because it gives an impression of total freedom, of absence of law and morals and therefore of omnipotence, for the well-armed cowboy. And we find this feeling in Westsluts, which leaves you free of your sexual actions and moral choices. There are few taboos and you can therefore easily fulfill certain desires, sometimes a bit trashy, while roaming the barren lands of this virtual world. It is a hard game, and therefore, you should take into account the initial warnings because it could shock the most prudes !

But if you are not the kind of person who is impressed by abundant facial ejaculations, merciless double penetration and you don't mind domination or submission of these virtual creatures, then it would be a pity not to let yourself be tempted by Westsluts !

It's free to all adults and as we mentioned above, it gives you access to a wide range of X games, which will delight fans of variety. Try it now !


  • The Wild West universe is very addictive
  • The vast customization that allows you to define the hot adventure you want to live
  • Superb graphics
  • The many sex possibilities
  • There are no taboos


  • The multiplayer mode that requires paid VIP status
  • The brutal scenes are not for everyone


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