Kink Master


Kink Master

If what you dream of is domination, sadomasochism, and in short, violent sex, you will love Kink Master. It's the game par excellence for BSDM lovers and all types of unconventional sex. Read on to learn all about this ultra hardcore game, as well as our honest opinion on the graphics, gameplay, and everything else.

What is Kink Master ?

Kink Master is above all a BDSM sex simulator. The goal of the game is very simple: to dominate as many women as possible, or to be dominated by them (if that's your thing!). This X-rated game claims to be able to satisfy all your most perverse and violent desires, so if you think you're too kinky to find a game that satisfies you, try Kink Master before you give up on sex games !

Opinion on Kink Master graphics

Kink Master does one thing very well: it lets you enjoy super realistic 3D graphics. You'll love fulfilling your fantasies in this game, and you'll quickly feel immersed in the action thanks to the stunning graphics. And yes! Not only does this game provide an incredible selection of unconventional sexual practices, but they're all animated and drawn with an amazing visual quality. It even happens that sometimes we get lost in the game and forget that it's 3D and not real life!

The bodies of the women you fuck are also extraordinary: they're hot, for sure, but there's also been a good deal of effort from the developers to make them responsive, and each of your actions makes them react differently and realistically.

Start playing now

Kink Master allows you to create various scenarios with different types of women: you can choose her hair color, her breast size, and even the clothes she wears (latex socks, a mask or both). You can also choose settings that will help create your perfect sexual experience: where you want to cum (in her mouth, on her breasts, on her face), and whether you want to play solo or online.

Once you've set up the game, all you have to do is verify your email address and your age, and you can start fucking your little bitch.

What about the gameplay ?

Let's get to the point: the gameplay. With Kink Master, the gameplay is quite simple even if it's also pretty varied. It's a game where the goal is to have fun! Once you have created your partner and built the scenario that excites you, you can start fucking. Choose between several practices, some more kinky than others – everything is allowed, nothing is taboo, so enjoy it and make her scream.

Our final opinion on Kink Master

Kink Master is a great game for BDSM and realistic sex simulators lovers. If you like simulators like Sex Emulator or Sex Sim, but you can never find content hardcore enough for your taste, Kink Master is the game for you. Everything is allowed in this ultra hardcore X-rated game, and between the incredible graphics and the exciting sound effects, we are sure that you won't last long…


  • Multiple perverse sexual practices
  • Ultra sexy women
  • No taboos or forbidden practices!
  • No download required


  • Some very hardcore scenes


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