Jerkmate Review: Our opinion and user testimonials

Jerkmate is a video chat website that has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Today, we're going to find out why: we'll provide you with a complete presentation of the platform, specifying its features, rates and subscriptions, before moving on to our honest opinion, and whether we advise you to sign up or not. Read on to discover everything about this unique website.

Presenting Jerkmate : what's it about ?

You are used to reading our opinions on porn and sex games, aren't you? Well, Jerkmate is a little different: it's a platform that allows you to stream and watch high quality webcams from anywhere in the world.

It first appeared in 2003, and has been very successful – but only in the last few years. Before becoming very famous lately, Jerkmate was only a small site with a few hundred live broadcasts. Now, you can choose to watch from hundreds of thousands of live webcams every day.

You can even watch public performances without registration: just go to the site, select a live stream and enjoy! However, in general, the broadcasts on the homepage are only “previews”. To see the real show, you'll have to give “gold” or join a Fan Club (which we'll talk about later).

But Jerkmate is not only a live webcam site: it is also a porn game. Find all your favourite creators in the Jerkmate sex emulator !

Jerkmate : so what's the "game" about?

You will have gathered by now that if we chose to talk about Jerkmate, it's because there's an enticing interactive sex game on the website. It's based around role-playing games that you can do with real live models. It's a perfect mix between sex game and live porn!

Choose between “roleplay” or “command and obey” modes. The “roleplay” mode allows you to play with X-rated models dressed in different styles: schoolgirl, nurse, princess, and much more. The “command and obey” mode is the simpler version, and you can pick between a man, a woman, a couple or a transgender person to play with.

Then the game begins ! Your character will appear in front of you, and you'll have a panel of options on the screen that will allow you to direct and control their actions. It's kind of like SexEmulator, but with real people. Not only will you be able to make her do different practices and try multiple positions, but you will also have access to different toys and objects with which your model can use to pleasure herself.

Become the puppeteer of the whole scene, and imagine that you are a porn film director who has to create the most exciting video possible. There are many options and possibilities, so test them all with different models as soon as possible.

Other features of the site

Now that we've talked about the game part, let's talk about the other features that make Jerkmate so popular.

Firstly, what we really like is the selection of lives by category: not only does it make it easier to find livestreams, but it also shows that there is something for everyone, no matter what your fantasy is. Whether it's anal, big ass, black women, you'll quickly and easily find a stream that lives up to your desires.

Another thing that we really like is the option to meet face to face with your favourite creators. That's right, many of them provide the option to have private video chats with you – and show you everything. However, of course, this has a price (which varies depending on the streamer).

You can also pay a small fee to attend private shows, which are often hotter than public shows and cheaper than one-on-one shows : it's a great in-between if you don't want to pay a fortune, but you want to see sexy and exclusive live shows.

How and why should I switch to premium mode ?

Basic features like category search and public lives are available even without registration. But if you've been around the site a bit and find yourself wanting to go further, then you'll have to upgrade to premium mode to unlock the other features. With premium mode, you can subscribe to fan clubs, send private messages to streamers, have access to gold lives and much more.

Click on “Premium Upgrade”, and prepare your payment method: no worries! The premium mode at Jerkmate is 100% free – it's just an efficient way to verify your age. Moreover, this card will be registered for your microtransactions later if you want to pay for some extra features.

You can now pay creators directly to attend their gold shows, or even for private shows. Your credit card can also be used to buy gold (the virtual currency at Jerkmate. 1 Gold = 1 US Dollar) which is used to reward the streamers during the broadcasts.

There are also “pay per minute” areas on Jerkmate: these are VIP areas with much hotter content/ Note however that the fees per minute are variable depending on the zone.

What's a “Fan Club” ?

A small point on this paid feature which is, for us, one of the most interesting features of the site : the Fan Club. You may know sites like Patreon or Onlyfans, which allow you to pay a small monthly fee to have sexy content ? A Fan Club at Jerkmate is the same thing.

By paying a monthly subscription fee, you'll have access to certain benefits from the creator, such as members-only lives, friend rates on private shows, unreleased videos, and much more.

As for the rate, the price and the frequency of payments is defined by each creator. Log in with your premium account, go to the page of the person you want to subscribe to, and click on "join my fan club". You'll see the rate and payment frequency, as well as the rewards and benefits available to fans.

Our final opinion on Jerkmate

To conclude our review of Jerkmate, first, let's talk about the game. The “emulator” game available on Jerkmate is a great porn game – having real models and not 3D models is not only super arousing, but it makes it very unique. You'll really feel like you're sharing an intimate moment and directing your own porn film, it's one of the most exciting and realistic porn games we've ever played.

As for the rest of the site, we give it a solid 10/10. Mostly because the premium account is 100% free, and you will only pay for the features and creators that interest you. It's a sexy livestreaming site with very affordable rates, and the fact that you can pay directly to the creators is pretty neat. Jerkmate takes intimacy to a whole new level : instead of watching people fuck, you are part of the experience.


  • A unique and exciting sex game
  • 100% free premium
  • Many fun features
  • Various categories and fantasies
  • Possibility to pay for private lives
  • Possibility to join fan clubs and get rewards


  • You will need to pay by the minute for some games


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