Game of Moans


Game of Moans

When you hear Game of Moans, you suddenly think of Game of Thrones? It is logical, because this title is a sexy parody of the famous series! If you like this fantasy universe, if some of its female characters do not leave you unmoved, then the very naughty adventure that Game of Moans offers should delight you. We present you its gameplay, its graphics, and the advantages and disadvantages of this porn parody title.

Presentation of Game of Moans, a successful parody of Game of Thrones ?

The Game of Thrones series has been a huge success, generating an army of fans who know the universe and the characters by heart. Many of them have developed special fantasies about certain female characters - the cold Sansa, the sexy Daenerys, the terrifying Cersei Lanister - and will be delighted to satisfy their desires with a porn game based on the series.

There are several parody porn games based on TV series, like the very good Narcos XXX or the Westsluts game, based on the Westworld series, but Game of Moans does not aim at the very hard, like the two previous titles. Instead, it offers a complete adventure, punctuated with very exciting sex scenes, in the GOT universe.

This naughty game is presented in the form of episodes, added little by little by the developers. In the first chapter (soberly titled The Bitches of Winterfell), you'll start your quest in Winterfell as a new character who will meet Arya and Sansa…and they won't be indifferent to his charms. The second episode available, called Whispers on the Wall, puts you in the shoes of the dark Jon Snow.

The universe of the series is well respected in this Game of Moans, and you will see that the game is successful in many ways.

How is Game of Moans played ?

While some sex games rely solely on sex, without context, to satisfy the needs of players, Game of Moans is much more subtle. It is a free title, intended for adults, which is financed through micro-transactions (not mandatory) in the game.

Game of Moans is a kind of Visual Novel, which reminds some Hentai porn games, such as Hentai Heroes. You follow the story by scrolling text on animations, and you take part in very explicit sex scenes when they appear.

The game allows you to witness taboo sex scenes, sometimes totally immoral (but GOT fans are used to it) and you will enjoy following this captivating adventure, which honors the series by using its main ingredients: sex, war, politics and dark shenanigans.

A pleasant graphic style

Game of Moans opts for a rather nice graphic style, which gives a lot of charm to some characters. For example, Sansa is much naughtier in this form! The developers have done a very good job of paying homage to the series and its iconic locations, but they have also enjoyed themselves on the naughty scenes.

When the porn takes precedence over the adventure, we can admire the very hot details of the bodies of the various protagonists, the naughty positions and contexts that oscillate between the erotic and the very hard, to vary the pleasures.

If the graphics are very successful, in their style, we also appreciate the soundtrack that accompanies your quest. The musics are on the whole respectful of the GOT atmosphere, and if the fans won't find the famous official theme, we can easily be immersed in the Heroic-Fantasy universe (in XXX version) to which Game of Thrones got us used to.

Our opinion on Game of Moans

One could think that Game of Moans is reserved to GOT fans, but it is not the case ! If knowing the universe and the characters brings a certain plus, since you will be able to realize fantasies related to this universe, this sex game is well enough conceived to please the neophytes.

They will find one adventure per episode (can't wait for the sequel!), which cleverly mixes sex, quest, characters from the series or special creation, and one thing is sure : it will be hard to stop once you have started the game.

Are you ready to fight for the Iron Throne, using your sexual skills ? Then get started on Game of Moans right away.


  • The Game Of Thrones universe well respected
  • An exciting adventure
  • Exciting sex scenes
  • Free of charge !


  • The episode format, frustrating when you wait for the sequel !


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