If your fantasies usually revolve around beautiful trans women, then DickDolls is the game for you: this porn title allows the player to explore this pretty common fantasy and create multiple combinations of customized scenarios and women. You're in for some very hardcore sex sessions, with no restrictions or taboos at all. Allow us to introduce you to this beautiful shemale porn game and its astounding graphics, as well as all the options in the game that aim to help you satisfy your most depraved and perverted desires.

Presenting DickDolls, a hardcore shemale sex game

This incredible sex game was designed for lovers of girls with big dicks. In Dickdolls, you'll have the option to play either as a cis woman, or a trans woman. The idea of the game is very simple: it's simply a question of fucking as many hot babes as possible, varying the positions and sexual practices you try out, all so you can accumulate more experience and unlock more options.

DickDolls is a hardcore shemale sex simulator, and it gives players the opportunity to put into practice their most perverted and taboo desires with big-cocked women. The game is entirely free if you play solo mode, you only need to confirm that you're of legal age.

After the age verification, you'll be plunged immediately into the very sexy and erotic world of trans women sex. Choose your first partner between the following two women: Lisa, the brunette with a huge dick, or Scarlett, the tempting, tight little blonde. Next, define your preferences such as boob size, ass size, and even and cock size. You'll even be able to pick how intense you want the sex scenes to be, varying from soft to extreme. Once you're ready, click through to start your first sex session in the game – which is played directly in-browser.

Easy and intuitive handling

What's really nice about DickDolls is that the gameplay has been designed pretty ergonomically to make sure you always have a free hand. All you have to do is move your mouse over the control panel to select the next position you'd like the characters to assume, or practice you'd like them to switch to. There are plenty of choices and dozens of practices, ranging from simple blowjobs, to 69 oral sex, all the way to hardcore sodomy and mutual masturbation.

There's plenty to do in this game, and much like the famous JerkDolls, you just have to adapt the settings in-game depending on whatever you want right now. In this incredible shemale game, you'll control everything from the sexual practices, to the characters' appearance, and even the camera angle and penetration speed.

And if you like group sex (like the kind you can enjoy in Gang Bang Simulator), you'll love the option that allows you to add new characters right into the action at any time. Enjoy transgender sex parties that you won't forget any time soon!

Exciting 3D animations

One of the strengths of this stunning game is its animation and the quality of the visuals. A lot of hard work has been put into creating the bodies, and the details of the different body parts like penises, boobs, and asses are really breathtaking. We're sure that anyone and everyone will be able to find something to enjoy in DickDolls, either by selection one of the hot trans girls or by personalizing their partners to their tastes.

During some of the more extreme sex scenes, the screams and facial expressions will really impress you. Watching the huge dicks grow and grow before exploding, releasing a thick stream of cum is truly a delight, and we guarantee you'll want to move on to the next scene fast and try even more possibilities.

As a bonus, if you want to take a little break between two hardcore 3D sex scenes in the game, the DickDolls website also offers a wide variety of shemale porn videos in full HD simply by registering.

Our final opinion on DickDolls: the best shemale game out there

DickDolls is one of the few transgender porn games on the market, and it has set the bar extremely high. It's overall a huge success, and provides trans lovers as well as curious amateurs the opportunity to enjoy some really hot and steamy sex sessions.

This game is truly beautiful, with clean 3D animations and realistic models. It's also extremely pleasant on the ears, since a lot of time and effort was put into the sound effects, which are incredibly arousing too. It's no surprise that this type of game comes with an addiction warning!

That's right, the website shows you a couple of warnings before beginning the game: one to warn you of the high risk of addiction, and one warning players about the degree of violence, domination, and extreme content that you may encounter in DickDolls.

Still not scared? Do you still want to dive into a world where women have big, rock-hard cocks and know how to use them? Then check out this shemale game right away and have a blast.


  • High level of detail on the bodies
  • Huge variety in sexual practices
  • Intensity varies from soft to extreme
  • Bonus HD porn videos


  • Sometimes the sex can get a little too extreme


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