CyberSex City 69


CyberSex City 69

Do you find yourself tempted by porn games that are based on famous video games? In that case, allow us to give you our opinion on CyberSex City 69, an extremely hot sex game inspired by the famous Cyberpunk 2077. Dive into a futuristic, open-world universe where sex is the best weapon. Graphics, customization, gameplay, pros and cons, you'll learn everything you need to know about CyberSex City 69 in this review.

CyberSex City 69, a porn RPG set in an open world

CyberSex City 69 is a beautiful open world RPG that parodies the recent Cyberpunk 2077 game, imitating its dystopian and futuristic world. In this exciting city (Nooky City, the city of sex), you're able to walk around freely, and after creating your character, you'll follow along with an incredibly captivating story.

There are numerous sexy side-quests and fun things to do during your adventure: enter any of the many sex establishments, or have passionate adventures with the multitude of characters walking the streets. Where the original game set limits, CyberSex City 69 allows you to explore your wildest fantasies.

Roam the city, choose which missions and scenarios excite you the most, and have sex with anyone you please (either alone, or explore multiplayer mode). With such a vast world in an exciting universe, you'll be able to accumulate EXP – like in any good RPG – and unlock new sexual practices and possibilities as you progress.

Great graphics and naughty customization

To play CyberSex City 69 for free, you have to be of legal age, which is understandable considering the pretty explicit sex scenes you will see during the game. Before launching yourself into the beautiful cyberpunk world of this addictive porn game, you'll be asked to create your character.

After a warning message reminding you that games like this one can become very addictive, you'll need to customize your character. First, the hair: you'll have several colours to choose from (phoenix red, electric blue, candy pink). Then the breast size you prefer, as well as the number of tattoos you'd like her to have.

Afterwards, you'll be able to choose your first augmentation: vibrating hand, tactile stimulant, or AVR? The choice is yours. The more you play, the more augmentations you unlock, which allows you to create a perfect cyberslut!

To really get the most out of your slut, you can count on CyberSex City 69's amazing graphics. With superbly modelled bodies – not only yours, but also those of your virtual partners (which you also can customize), and an incredibly immersive fantasy world where weapons and sex are the most important things.

All you have to do is select your first destination between downtown, a slum, or the wastelands around Nooky City to start your adventure.

Addictive gameplay

One of the strengths of CyberSex City 69 is that it doesn't require you to download any software: it's totally playable in-browser and once you register, you'll have access to the game whenever you want and on all your devices.

You'll move from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, discovering new locations as you go along, and unlocking new ways to get laid. As you can probably imagine, to complete the adventure, you'll need to sleep with a maximum of people. Men, women, androids, solo or in multiplayer mode, you'll have a blast. There are few limits, and the level of detail will surely delight the naughtiest among you.

CyberSex City 69 provides a great deal of realism during sex scenes: with breasts that sway, bodies that ooze, or explosions of semen. All the on-screen action is elevated by an awesome soundtrack that of high-pitched, sexy screams and orgasmic moans. Very arousing!

The graphics and sound work are genuinely well done, making CyberSex City 69 a super sexy porn game that could keep you busy for many hours. For players who do not like the futuristic and dystopian universe of the game, we recommend checking out Narcos XXX, or the very naughty Westsluts, with its Western atmosphere.

Our opinion on CyberSex City 69

Entering the universe of CyberSex City 69 means discovering a beautiful futuristic world populated by very sexy girls, and powerful males. You'll be given the possibility to satisfy all your desires with the help of all these characters in well-built sex scenes.

Playable in single player or online multiplayer, this sex game is not bothered by taboos: it's clearly intended for adults who are not afraid to witness hardcore sex that can get brutal at times, in a lively open world. The more you play, the more the gameplay possibilities expand, and your character can quickly become a real sexual priestess, able to get everything she wants thanks to her talents and augmentations.

Our opinion on CyberSex City 69 is overall very positive, and this open world RPG porn game will excite and captivate all players who want to live out hot and exciting adventures in Nooky city.


  • The world building is amazing and very detailed
  • Hot sex scenes
  • Superb graphics
  • An amazing soundtrack


  • You must be 18 years old to play


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