Apexxx Legends

Gaming fans are probably familiar with the competitive FPS Apex Legends, which allows you to play as legendary heroes in a battle royale that takes place in a wild world, where 60 opponents fight for survival. Now imagine the same base, with sex galore… This is the concept of Apexxx Legends, which is presented as a very hard parody of the original, taking its graphics, style and universe and embellishing it with adult scenes !

We give you our opinion on Apexxx Legends, detailing what this porn game offers, not to be put in all hands. Ready to become a legend… of sex ?

Note: it is possible to play this game for free! You want to test it without waiting ! Register and get ready to discover a very hard world !

Apexxx legend review, the porn parody of Apex legends

When you launch this game, you know what to expect as the title is explicit: a XXX version of Apex Legends, for adults only. If some sex games know how to be moderate in what they propose, Apex Legends does not make any lace, there is very hard content. You have been warned !

Right from the title screen, it's explained that what you're about to see while playing might shock you, and that if you're a prude by nature, you'd better go play Animal Crossing. The developers have set up several questions to be answered before accessing the main menu for registration, to make sure you know what you're getting into.

First, you are warned about the domination scenes and aggressive sex phases you will encounter. If you accept this first point, you are then asked if you are not prone to addictions, as this title has been chosen several times as the most addictive online sex game. Finally, there is a mention of epilepsy, with a recommendation for those who might suffer from it. Are you still here? Then get ready to define the type of porn scenes you want to find in this adult title that relies on variety…and hardcore !

Apexxx Legends Avis : choose the intensity of sex in the game

As you make your choices, your favorite Apex Legends heroes and heroines will appear in the background, in particularly telling positions. Whether you see Wraith surrounded by penises, or Bloodhound caught doggy style against a wall by a masked enemy, you can't let it distract you from choosing the adventure you want to go on. And you have several choices.

First, you are asked what turns you on the most: Extreme sex ? Domination ? Group sex ? Fantasy ? Famous character ? Choose 1-3 answers and move on, or you will be asked the next question: Who do you want to fuck in the game ?

You'll have the choice of several characters from the game - Wraith or Bangalore already mentioned - or others like Lifeline and Wattson, and an Other box allows for variety. Expect some surprises!

Now you're ready to play and become a legend on this Battlefield X. All you have to do is sign up for free and the games will start rolling ! But by the way, what does it look like once in the game? We'll tell you in the rest of this review of Apexxx Legends!

Varied gameplay for the porn game from Apex Legends

Once you're in the thick of it, you'll be able to have fun and one thing is for sure: it's definitely as addictive as expected, if you like virtual sex!

There are several game modes, including the famous Battle Royale which made the success of the FPS, but here everything is arranged in a porn style. So instead of shooting an enemy, you fuck him, gunshots are soon replaced by dick shots and the more games you play, the more experience you gain and the more action possibilities you have. From simple initial blowjobs to gang bangs with other players, you'll have more and more fun!

The fun FPS part is out, and you'll win videos and images featuring the most famous characters of the EA Games title, which allows you to vary the pleasures between two hardcore fuck scenes.

Everything is played naturally and the controls, displayed on the screen, make the gameplay intuitive. In short, after a few minutes, you'll be able to have fun with others, as if you were in the middle of the battle! And besides being addictive, this porn game from Apex Legends is very complete !

Apex Legends Porn game: Bonus Hentai and videos !

Among the several game modes that you will unlock by registering for free in Apex Legends, there are two that should greatly please fans of the classic title's universe: the Hentai mode and the video mode.

Let's start with the latter, which offers players a wide selection of beautifully made animated porn mini-movies featuring all the characters from this popular franchise. It's very exciting and allows players to fulfill some of their fantasies, as they can see the heroines in ultra-hot positions, often at the mercy of the legendary male characters who will take great pleasure in making them scream. A nice bonus that completes this parody of Apex Legends with brio.

Even better, it's this Hentai mode that completes the set, with the game's own porn comic available to users! You will be able to dive into a XXX adventure within this universe, thanks to the talent of a drawer who manages to reproduce the atmosphere of Apex Legends and to propose very very hot sex scenes! Every week, new plates are proposed to the little rascals that you are, which will constitute a perfect pastime between two hardcore games in the main modes. It is necessary, at times, to know how to blow a little…!

In the following review of Apexxx Legends, let's find out what the technical part of this porn game is worth !

Technical characteristics that seduce

On the adult video game market, we have to admit that most of the titles are not as well made as we would like: rough textures, bugs, unexciting modeling… Gamers addicted to virtual sex are less well off than their classic gamer counterparts, but things are tending to change.

One thinks of the excellent VR Fuckdolls which plunges you into the action, or a parody, this time of a TV series, the porn game Westsluts which takes up the Far West universe of the series Westworld. But where does Apexxx Legends stand in this market? Among the very well made games !

You will soon notice that the 3D is well done and that the modeling work done on the female characters is sometimes amazing. If you like bouncing buttocks and opulent breasts, you should be won over very quickly.

Another element that makes its little effect in this porn game Apex Legends, is the sound atmosphere, with well-felt naughty sound effects, which reinforce the excitement and a soundtrack that has not been neglected. Play with headphones and you'll forget the outside world !

We are therefore delighted to see that this game for adults is complete, that the fun and the sexy are present and that they rub shoulders with the hard for hours of pleasure, alone or with several people if you opt for the available multiplayer games.

Apexxx Legends review : a porn game that is up to the task of pleasuring yourself

It's always fun to find characters you know in unusual situations, as is the case in the Star Wars X parody (see our Star Whores review) or in this porn version of Apex Legends! This enhances the excitement, by allowing you to achieve impossible desires, with characters you are used to dealing with in another context. After that, your normal Apex Legends games will have a whole new flavor !

By the way, for those who wonder if you need to know EA's game before getting into this X parody, you should know that it is not necessary. Of course, it's more exciting to know who we're fucking, or why this fighter is being chased by this or that hero, before being covered in cum by the one who is her sworn enemy, but it's not a prerequisite. If you like sex, you like to play, and you like to enjoy a good porn title…you can go for it !

Our opinion on Apexxx Legends is very positive, as much for the respect that the game has for its basic material as for the various modes it offers. Very complete, fun and very addictive, it is a sex game that deserves its place on your computer. It is played from a launcher - so no download required - and it is free. What are you waiting for to try it ?


  • Very beautiful realization, visual and sound
  • The hardcore sex scenes
  • The universe of Apex Legends well respected
  • The Hentai mode
  • The possibility to play for free


  • The subscription required for multiplayer games


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