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Have you always wanted to play an in-depth and exciting puzzle game, that combines role-play, complex and satisfying puzzles, as well as hardcore sex? Then you're in the right place! Project QT is an awesome JRPG that has been up and coming in the hentai game scene these past months. You'll quickly find yourself entwined in an exciting story and unable to let yourself go from the grips of these beautiful (and powerful) ladies.

Let's dive right in and discover all the best things about this game, and how to play it!

What is Project QT?

As we've already mentioned, Project QT is a modern JRPG puzzle game. But what does that mean? Well, basically, JRPG stands for Japanese role-playing game, so that already explains most of what this game is – then there's the puzzle aspect. The puzzles are complex enough to be exciting and challenging, but not so hard they delay any of the fun.

Project QT allows players to build an army of the hottest and most powerful women in the universe, and save the world! Your mission is to create an unbeatable army of strong and sexy warriors, unlocking exciting sex scenes as you go.

What's the gameplay like ?

The gameplay is one of the best things about this game, for sure. There are so many aspects and exciting parts to Project QT. As we've already said, it's mainly a puzzle game, and the puzzles are each as fun as the last. Every puzzle you complete will unlock parts of the story that include exciting hentai sex scenes.

There are hundreds of quests and side-quests you can choose to complete, each one unlocking new sex scenes. Simply build up your army of amazing fighters by proving your worth and completing as many puzzles and quests as possible. Don't get distracted by the hot sex you'll be having, the world still needs saving!

What are the visuals and graphics like?

Since this is a hentai game, you can imagine that the graphics are all 2D manga-style images. If this isn't something you're into, this game probably isn't for you. However, we still recommend you give it a go, because I fail to see how anyone could not be aroused by such an exciting and sexually charged game. I mean, building up a harem of beautiful, sexy anime girls who only want to pleasure you? Come on!

Anyway, back to the visuals: even in 2D, they're absolutely breathtaking. Trust me, you'll be impressed by the quality of the art and the obvious love and care the creators put into making these women as awesome looking as possible. If you're into awesome, strong women, this game will definitely do it for you.

Project QT: how to get started

To start playing Project QT, simply click on the link to the left, which will take you to the Nutaku site, where you can find Project QT. Before being able to play, however, you'll have to answer a couple of questions. These are mainly things like “have you ever played a hentai game ; do you prefer games to be uncensored ; sci-fi or fantasy?” etc.

After answering the questionnaire, you'll have to choose a username, password, and input your email before playing. Then that's it, your adventure awaits.

Our final thoughts on Project QT

This game is absolutely excellent on all fronts. Graphically, it's a feast for the eyes, and the gameplay doesn't fall behind either. Many hentai games offer great graphics or good gameplay, but Project QT has it all. For me, it's a 10/10, I really can't find a criticism except maybe that you have to be 18 to play, which might upset some horny teens.

Wait no longer, play Project QT for free today by clicking on Play Now.


  • Exciting and challenging puzzles
  • Beautifully crafted hentai girls
  • A good mix of gameplay and graphics
  • Free to play


  • You must be 18 or over to play


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