Let's be honest – who hasn't dreamed of being dominated by a mature woman ? If you feel like we're talking about you, then Milfinator is bound to please you. To make it simple, Milfinator is a website that pulls together all the best games involving milfs, dominatrices, mature women and everything that surrounds the mature woman fantasy (that's actually an incredibly common one). If you want to start discovering this huge collection of sexy and unique games, read on for our full review of the platform.

What is Milfinator ?

Milfinator, as we've already said, is a website that gathers the best sex games on the internet that revolve around the subject of MILFs and dominant women. So what exactly is a “MILF” ? The abbreviation stands for “Mother I'd Like to Fuck”, which, put in simple terms, means a hot mum or just a mature and sexy woman.

Milfinator provides players with a collection of the most popular and best rated sex games on the web that revolve around MILFs. The goal of these games is usually to pleasure mature women until they cum. You'll also find many games involving dominant women, more hardcore themes and even BDSM. Mature women are often more experienced, so they know how to make you scream with pain and pleasure.

Customized games

You probably already know of some sex games collection sites like Adult Online Play for example: these sites aim to give you unlimited access to hundreds of sex games without charging you a hundred registration fees, which is already a huge advantage. But another benefit of these platforms is that they can offer you a customized list of games, selected according to your own personal desires and fantasies. Don't waste any more time on different search engines trying to find the game that will satisfy your desires, just come to Milfinator and get your kicks.

The advantage of Milfinator compared to other game collection platforms is that it is already specialized: you'll only be shown games that already correspond to your desires of mature and dominant woman. It's already a tailor-made experience, and that's before you've even started answering the questionnaire.

How do I register on Milfinator ?

To start discovering the games available, you'll have to create an account. First, you'll need to click past several warnings about the violent and hardcore nature of the sex scenes that may be present in these games. You'll also be shown a warning about the presence of games with family themes, in which it's possible to fuck your mother-in-law or your aunt, for example. If you agree to seeing this kind of imagery, you can move on. As a final warning, the platform cautions you about the addictive nature of online sex games. If you have addiction problems, you may want to step away while you still can.

The platform will then automatically check the compatibility of your browser with games on Milfinator. If it's compatible, you can proceed to the next step.

Now, you must choose a woman: there are six women, all different (even one with a big cock!), and all incredibly hot. Take your pick, but don't worry, you'll be able to fuck them all in the different games you'll have access to – it's mostly just to get an idea of your tastes. Then, select the sexual practice you'd like her to be really good at: anal, squirting, blowjobs, or just having a big cock.

And that's it ; all you have to do is enter your information and verify your age before you can start discovering the games available. Once you have access to your account, Milfinator will offer you with a pretty good selection of games based on the answers you provide during registration. However, you'll have access to all the games on the platform, so feel free to surf around a bit and find your new favourite game.

Our final opinion on Milfinator

Milfinator is an excellent, high quality platform. All games are recent, fully 3D and of good quality. Thanks to this platform specifically for those who want experienced and mature dominatrices, finding your new favourite game is simple and enjoyable.

Don't believe us Try it for yourself for free today.


  • Mature and dominant women
  • Tailor-made porn experience
  • High quality games
  • Incredible time saving


  • Some very hardcore scenes that may shock