Jerkmate Gay


Jerkmate Gay

You surely know from near or far of the site of naughty webcams Jerkmate. Indeed, it is one of the most popular sites for Internet users which offers you sex games, porn videos, but also sexy live streams for free. You will have understood, Jerkmate Gay is the gay equivalent: we are talking about an entire section of the platform that hosts only content made by and for gays.

Jerkmate Gay is - more precisely - the gay sex game that is available on the platform that we are going to present today. Take control of ultra sexy men and give them orders! Read on to find out everything you can make him do, and how to play this amazing game.

What is Jerkmate Gay ?

Jerkmate Gay is a gay sex game in which you are the master of the game: take control of everything that happens on the screen. To put it simply, it's a game where you can make sexy men do whatever you want. Choose between a selection of sexy men, some of them famous porn stars, others amateur streamers, and make them do actions among the choices offered. You'll love playing this game, it's incredibly hot and exciting, test it for yourself and you'll soon see what I mean !

How does the gameplay work ?

As we just said, Jerkmate Gay revolves around a man that you can order around and make do a whole bunch of sexual practices. Overall, you'll see several things on the screen: the man you've selected will be centered, and along the sides of the screen you'll see different menus. These menus offer you a wide range of actions and positions that you can ask him to do. The interface is very simple, and has been created to make things as pleasant and easy as possible for you.

Choose between practices like anal, blowjob, masturbation, fingering, and many other options: they are just waiting for your orders to take position. You can also choose to do a little roleplay, asking them to dress up as firemen, cops, doctors and more. They will love to fulfill all your fantasies, believe me!

What about the graphics ?

Jerkmate Gay is indeed a sex game like all the other games we have talked about, however the big difference is the graphics. We often talk about 3D games, or hentai style visual novels, etc, but Jerkmate Gay is a game made with real actors. You will not give orders to 3D men, but to real pornstars and models that appear on the screen. This is one of the reasons why this game is so exciting! You really feel like you're giving orders to an incredible guy who is fulfilling your fantasies right before your eyes.

It's quite rare to see games with real people and not 3D models, so for us this is a great advantage that Jerkmate Gay offers.

Experience Jerkmate Gay

This game bridges the gap between the so-called "classic" porn, and the porn games. It takes the best of both worlds, and creates a whole new and totally amazing experience.

It is a perfect game for those who like to take control and dominate. The simple act of giving orders and telling someone what they should or shouldn't do can be very exciting - we loved it anyway.

However, we recommend that you get the premium version: with this update, you'll enjoy a larger list of men with different traits, as well as a wider choice of actions and positions to make them practice. You could even choose several men and order them to do things with each other! That is, you can choose two good, hotshot men and tell them to suck each other's dicks, touch each other, and whatever else you feel like doing.

Get ready to discover a pleasure you've never felt before.

Our final review of Jerkmate Gay

To make a long story short about Jerkmate Gay, we're not going to lie: it's a 10/10. This game is amazing, and 100% unique. The experience of playing porn, but with real actors is really great, and a style of play that we have never seen before. Making men obey as sexy as this, and taking control of the situation, there is nothing more exciting.

What are you waiting for ? Play Jerkmate Gay and start dominating the sexiest men in the porn industry !


  • A unique and innovative game
  • The game is free, but there is a premium version
  • Other features on the site like webcams and videos
  • The name Jerkmate is a guarantee of trust
  • Real actors, no 3D !
  • Large choice of actions and positions available


  • Some positions require a premium account


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