More and more gay porn games are appearing on the web, and it is sometimes difficult to find the right game for you. Gaynator is one of the best online porn games and gets everyone who starts a game hooked – so let's see why.

We'll provide a detailed description of the game, as well as our honest opinion, to help you understand why this game is so popular.

What is Gaynator ?

Gaynator is an online porn game for gay men: the game is made up entirely of hot and sexy men, allowing you to enjoy a few torrid and sexy adventures with other people of your same gender.

Unlike some other gay games, this one's only goal is to give you maximum pleasure. There is no adventure story, no mission to be accomplished, no challenge to be won, here, it's sex, sex, and nothing but sex. Meet hot men like you for wild romps at any time.

Who can play Gaynator ?

This game may indeed be widely loved by many, but it's still a pornographic game. Therefore, minors and people with heart problems will be denied access to Gaynator. Some sex scenes are actually very hardcore and extreme, and they could easily shock the more sensitive of players.

Apart from that, pretty much everyone is welcome to play this game. The fact that all the pleasure in this game comes from homosexual encounters does not prevent straight people from discovering new things. Who knows, you might be surprised by how much you enjoy what happens in this game.

Our opinion on the game's graphics and sound effects

Gaynator has done a great job in providing players with 3D graphics that are very close to reality. The bodies of the men as well as their genitalia are very well-designed, and you'll feel like you are really there. There is not really much to complain about in terms of the 3D rendering of this game. You can even see the faces of the characters change during the encounter, and get tense during a particularly hot anilingus session.

As for the sound effects, once again, this game is the full package! Throughout the game, you'll be treated to a little background music to relax you and put you in a good mood. But it's during the sex that everything will change… Listen to dirty talk coming out of men's gaping mouths, as well as gasps, grunts, moans and so on. Everything has been thought out perfectly so as to plunge you into the heart of the action. Everything is very well-made, and you're guaranteed many exciting sensations during the whole game.

Our final opinion on the game

This gay porn game is simply excellent, and will provide any player with an instant boost of pleasure. Single player mode is free to play, however you can access the multiplayer mode if you upgrade: you'll be able to meet gays from all over the world and have fun adventures with them without shame.

We love the amount of choices that the game gives players, like the possibility to define and customize the physical appearance of the men as well as the size of their dick.

The graphics and sound effects are just insane too: they will stimulate your senses on every level, and with the slightest breath from your partner you'll feel so many different sexy sensations.

We recommend this game 100%. It is a real gem for gays and curious heterosexuals alike!


  • Game designed for gays, by gays
  • Loads of hot sex scenes
  • Very realistic sound effects
  • Free single player version


  • Paid multiplayer version


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