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If you've ever taken a quick tour of a sex game website, you may have already come across Real Adult Sex Game. Yep, RASG is an extremely popular porn game among all online sex game lovers – and above all it's very beautiful. Today, we'd like to introduce you to the gay porn game created by the same studio to fulfil any gay man's fantasies: Gay RASG. At least with a title as self-explanatory as that, you'll know what to expect.

The name Real Adult Sex Game carries a bit of weight in the sex game world, and gives us an idea of what to expect: realistic graphics, sexy 3D models, and a functional and simple gameplay. Let's dig a little deeper: allow us to give you a complete presentation of the game, as well as give you our honest opinion after testing all the features and functionalities.

What is Gay RASG?

We are not going to write a long, drawn-out essay to try to explain what Gay RASG is: to put it simply, it's a high quality gay porn game where the aim is to fuck as many sexy guys as you can. They are all hot and horny, however with very varied appearances: you are sure to find a man you like among the pretty big selection.

You'll be exposed to hyperrealistic 3D sex scenes from the very start of the game, and you won't be able to hold back from cumming, we guarantee it. In any case, the men you'll meet in the game only want one thing: to make you cum, again and again – and they know how to get what they want. Whether it's with a blowjob, a little anal penetration, or even a threesome, you'll be well served by these gorgeous men.

How to play Gay RASG ?

The gameplay of this game is fairly similar to its hetero counterpart: in other words, it's simple and efficient. No side quests to do, no diamonds to pick up or story to follow, here it's sex and only sex that interests the player. As soon as the game starts, we are thrust directly into the action: choose one or several men who make you hard, and start a torrid, sexy, and sometimes violent adventure.

Even if the gameplay remains pretty simple, the vast choice of actions to perform and the variety of sex scenes makes the game fascinating, and allows the player to come back again and again without getting tired. Remember to keep looking at your partner, and take note of the things you do to him that make him moan – that way, when you want to see him cum, you'll know what he likes.


As is often the case with games like Gay RASG, some aspects, especially your partners, are totally customizable. To create your ideal partner, you can select a 3D model that you like, then access the customization menu. Here you can change and personalize many details of his appearance, such as hair, musculature, dick size, etc.

Gay RASG graphics

As we have already said, this game has some pretty incredible graphics. As soon as the game starts, we're amazed by the quality of the visual rendering, especially the 3D models. It really feels like you're actually there in the room – which is the mark of a good sex game. The ability to get fully absorbed in the game is something any high quality porn game should provide. If you can get lost in the visuals and forget you're playing a 3D game, it means the game is doing its job properly, and the graphics are top quality.

The way the models move and interact with each other is amazing, and you will be hard-pressed to find a more visually stimulating gay game than this one.

Our final opinion on Gay RASG

To conclude on this game, we would like to say that it is indeed the gay equivalent of Real Adult Sex Game: the game is just as beautiful, and just as well-developed. If you are more inclined towards gay games, but want a game with great graphics and varied gameplay, experience Gay RASG: this game is, in our opinion, a 10/10.


  • Breathtaking graphics
  • The name RASG is the mark of a quality sex game
  • Customizable men
  • No talk, only sex
  • Registration is free


  • Can quickly become addictive


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