Fun Teen Simulator

In the world of porn, one of the most frequent searches is in the Teen category, which proves that there are many lovers of young women with firm bodies. In Fun Teen Simulator, a teenage sex simulator, you will be able to have sex with as many girls as you want, without any taboos. We present Fun Teen Simulator, its gameplay, its graphics and its advantages and disadvantages, to help you know if it's a game for you.

Presentation of Fun Teen Simulator, an X game for fucking young women

The advantage of a sex game is that it doesn't have to be burdened with taboos or morals. It can therefore offer players sometimes very hard experiences (as in Hardcore Simulator), violent sex or allow you to fuck young girls, as is the case with Fun Teen Simulator.

If you like smooth bodies, firm breasts or bouncy asses, this is a game that should make you horny. You will be able to play this title for free (provided you are of age) and give free rein to your desires, by defining which partner you want to fuck, the location of the action, and by choosing the degree of intensity of the sex scenes. You can imagine the craziest scenarios !

It's a title that requires no download, for immediate access, but you'd better know what you're getting into: you'll see hard, raw, sometimes extreme scenes if you opt for this mode, with young women !

Play Fun Teen Simulator

This teenage girl fucking simulator allows you, during your first game, to choose your sex (in case you want to play a girl), then to customize your first partner.

You choose one of the 3 pre-existing girl models that you can model a little: breast size, volume of the buttocks, outfits, etc. Enough to satisfy your desires. Afterwards, you will have many other possibilities to create a perfect young woman, according to your tastes. (If you like to customize your partners from A to Z, discover VR Fuckdolls)

Note that among the options of Fun Teen Simulator, we come across the possibility of choosing celebrities (among the greatest current male fantasies) and to fuck them in younger versions.

The game then consists of a series of sex scenes, without any particular story. The objective will be to cum and make your partners cum, in order to progress in the game and unlock girls, outfits, accessories and customization possibilities.

It's quickly very addictive, especially since Fun Teen Simulator is very easy to play: a control panel with explicit icons, speed and orgasm sliders, a mouse…and you're ready to have fun !

Exciting 3D and good sound effects

What excites a Teen is of course her still perfect body and her bouncing shapes, her slimness or her chubby little breasts. The developers of Fun Teen Simulator had the heavy task of transcribing this to the screen and they did it brilliantly.

It's impossible to know which is more exciting : the buttocks that shake when you penetrate them from behind? The little mouths that buckle during a blow job? The breasts covered with sperm? The naive little eyes that seem to want more ? This sex game quickly turns out to be very exciting and its graphic realization is a big part of it.

We must not forget the sound effects, with young and naughty voices, high-pitched, which give an even stronger intensity to the experience. Close the door, put a headset on your ears, and get ready to spend some very hot moments in front of the screen, with these virtual Teens.

Our final opinion on Fun Teen Simulator

Fun Teen Simulator is a captivating, immoral and sometimes very hard sex game with teens, not to be put in every hand. If you are aware of this, and you embark on this experience, you could enter a world of intense pleasure.

The game is very well made, the sex scenes are very exciting and the vast possibilities it offers - from character and location customization to multiple sexual practices - make this title addictive.

A good choice, for those who like sex with girls younger than themselves !


  • Wide possibilities to realize all your fantasies
  • Very exciting graphics
  • Different degrees of intensity
  • Access to HD videos


  • You must be of age


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