First Adult Games


First Adult Games

A game like First Adult Games is aimed at adults who are not afraid to see raw, hard and sometimes violent virtual porn. The game doesn't deny itself any pleasure and you can direct the action as you wish, in this very hot porn title. We give you our opinion on First Adult Games, its graphics, its gameplay, its advantages and disadvantages, to let you know if this X title will suit you.

Presentation of First Adult Games, for a realistic X gaming experience

First Adult Games is a very hard sex game, in which you will be able to choose characters and stage them, to satisfy your desires in any kind. The possibilities are numerous and you can even create girls, men or more fantastic creatures to fuck in uninhibited settings.

It goes without saying that such a title is reserved for those over 18 years old, who will have to verify their majority before getting into the title. After this verification, you will be able to try First Adult Games for free, choosing your first virtual sex partner (there are 4 basic ones, for all tastes) and the level of the experience you want to live (from Soft to Extreme).

In addition to this game, a registration on First Adult Games gives you access to many porn titles, more or less interesting, which parody some famous series and to video games revisited in the naughty sauce. A multiplayer mode is also part of the game!

Gameplay and customization

First Adult Games proposes you to stage your fantasies by directing the action from A to Z. You will choose the character or characters you want to fuck, you can handle the camera, change the angle, and of course choose the positions you want to practice. Everything from soft sex with exciting POV blowjobs and simple missionaries, to much wilder practices like hard gang bang, anal sex, or even the possibility to use sex toys to make your partner cum.

One of the strong points of this sex game is the extensive customization of the characters, which allows you to take pleasure with the girls (or men) that excite you the most. The game quickly becomes addictive as the possibilities expand as you play. As the title reminds you before you start, you should not be afraid of being hard and if you are afraid that it is too hard, prefer the Soft mode.

Sexy graphics

The work done on the graphics is very well done, with well animated 3D models. We appreciate the facial expressions, with faces that distort during sex, the well-detailed bodies with breasts that jiggle and sexy buttocks that bounce under your assaults, and the ejaculations that give the impression of being a full-fledged actor in these uninhibited sex games. If you like to create your characters and enjoy them in all forms, discover VR Fuckdolls too!

The graphic qualities of First Adult Games will offer a lot of pleasure to the most naughty players, who will really have the impression to have at their disposal girls ready to do anything to satisfy them. As for the soundtrack, the screams of orgasms and the sound effects should not leave you insensitive… !

Our final opinion on First Adult Games

Our opinion on First Adult Games is positive, because the title perfectly fulfills its objective: to be as exciting as possible. The customization options of the characters and the scenery allow to satisfy all kinds of desires and the more you play, the more you have choices of positions and scenes, for a tenfold pleasure.

The title does not require any download - everything is done via the browser - and you can play it for free, provided you are of age. A normal restriction, especially in Hard or Extreme modes, where there are no limits.

To spend a few torrid hours in the company of delicious virtual creatures, First Adult Games is a good choice.


  • Very well done
  • Customizable characters
  • Wide range of sex scenes
  • No download required


  • You must be 18
  • Very hardcore


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