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First Adult Games

A game like First Adult Games is aimed at adults who are not afraid to see raw, hardcore, and sometimes violent virtual porn. The game doesn't hold back when it comes to pleasure, and you can take control the action and make everything to your liking in this very sexy porn game. Today, we'll give you our overall opinion on First Adult Games, its graphics, its gameplay, its pros and cons, and much more – to help you decide if this X-rated game will suit you.

Presenting First Adult Games, a realistic X-rated experience

First Adult Games is a hardcore porn game, in which you'll be able to choose characters and set scenes involving them, all to satisfy your desires of any kind. The possibilities are numerous, and you can create girls, men or even fantastical creatures to fuck in different settings.

It goes without saying that such a game is reserved for those over 18 years old, and you'll have to verify your age before getting into the game. After this verification, you will be able to try First Adult Games for free, after choosing your first virtual sex partner (there are 4 basic ones for all your desires), and the level of the intensity you want (from Soft to Extreme).

In addition to this game, a registration on First Adult Games gives you access to many more porn games, some more interesting than others, and even some which parody famous TV shows or video games in a pretty sexy way. There's also an online multiplayer mode upon registering, so don't forget to check that out.

Gameplay and customization

First Adult Games allows you to recreate your fantasies by taking control of the scene and directing everything yourself. Choose the character (or characters) you want to fuck, change the angle as many times as you like, and of course, choose the position and practices you'd like to try. Everything is possible – from soft sex with exciting POV blowjobs or simple missionary sex, to much wilder stuff like hard gang bang sessions, anal sex, or even sex toys to make your partner cum hard and fast.

One of the best things about this sex game is the extensive customization options for the characters: this allows you to really ramp up the pleasure and heat, and increase the enjoyment you'll get out of fucking girls (or men) that you've designed to arouse you. The game quickly becomes pretty addictive, as the different possibilities expand while you play. As the website reminds you before you start, you should not play if you're sensitive to hardcore practices – and if you're afraid that this game may be too extreme, try the soft mode.

Sexy and enticing graphics

The rendering of the graphics is incredibly well done, with beautiful and well animated 3D models. We really like how the facial expressions distort during sex, as well as the well-detailed bodies and their huge boobs that jiggle. Not to mention the plethora of sexy little asses that bounce according to your dicks movements, and the detailed ejaculation scenes that'll make you feel like a real actor in a porn film. If you like the idea of creating characters and enjoying them in every way possible, try out VR Fuckdolls too.

The visuals in First Adult Games are really able to provide a ton of pleasure to most players due to how realistic they are – and you'll really love the feeling of having girls at your disposal who are up for anything in order to satisfy you. As for the soundtrack, the screams of the hardcore orgasms you'll be giving these babes will definitely not leave you indifferent…

Our final opinion on First Adult Games

Our opinion on First Adult Games is overall very positive: the game perfectly fulfils its objective – which is to be as arousing as possible. The customization options of the characters as well as the scenery allow the game to satisfy all kinds of desires. The more you play, the more choices of positions and scenery you'll have to choose from, which will only increase your enjoyment.

The game doesn't require a download – everything takes place in-browser – and you can play for free too, provided you are of age. This is a pretty normal restriction, (especially in Hard or Extreme modes), since there are no limits to what you can do.

To start spending a fun time in the company of these beautiful virtual women, First Adult Games is an excellent choice.


  • Very well made
  • Customizable characters
  • Wide range of sex scenes
  • No download required


  • You must be 18
  • Very hardcore


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