Cunt Wars


Cunt Wars

If you're bored with porn games based only on sex emulation, and you'd like a few challenges, try out Cunt Wars. The porn game market may be vast nowadays, but there are still relatively few games with such a thrilling storyline.

With Cunt Wars, fans of adventure games will not be disappointed. This free game combines strategy, fighting and sex, mixed together in the perfect cocktail. In the game, you'll organize grandiose battles and lead your army of sexy female warriors to victory. The aim of the game? To win more and more battles, thanks to your glorious warriors, who will reward you handsomely for helping them. This story along with the sexy the hentai atmosphere are a guaranteed to provide an exciting escape from mundane sex games.

What is Cunt Wars ?

Cunt Wars is a pornographic game dedicated to pleasure, whether that be by yourself or in a small group. In this beautifully crafted hentai game, you're at the head of an army of sexy women, and will have to lead your warriors to victory in battle.

For the newcomers who don't know how the game works, don't panic: everything is explained on the website before the game starts. Before playing the game, you'll be presented with the rules and instructions to help you find your footing. However, for those who are maybe a little more familiar with naughty porn games, waste no more time! Click play today.

The first battle in the game is against a zombie Lord. As usual, you'll have to pass this level to advance in the adventure. Don't forget to check your in-game mailbox, since once you defeat this level, you'll receive your very first reward of 100 gold coins. These coins can be invested back into your army, or used to buy new and sexier warriors.

In addition to money, as an army leader you will also receive rewards in the form of sexual favours, which will vary depending on your personal choices. Blowjobs, pussy play, penetration and more: whatever you desire will be provided to you by these beautiful creatures.

How to play Cunt Wars ?

This game is 100% Free-to-Play, which means, obviously, that you'll never be charged to play Cunt Wars – you just have to click through to the game's website and register, which only takes 30 seconds. During your games, you'll have a deck of cards, each representing a warrior. It's your job to organize your cards in perfect playing order, which will allow you to win the battle strategically. Start playing right now and see if you can lead a whole army of hot female warriors!

What's nice about this game is that in addition to being a porn game, there's a lot of strategy involved in playing that means you have to be on the ball. You'll have to act like a real military leader and think about which girl to send to war next. You need to win battles to advance in the game and earn rewards. Make the right choices, and you'll be rewarded in many exciting ways.

As rewards you will get extra sexy girl cards and virtual money to build your army. Don't get distracted because the cards turn out to be very erotic. The more levels you pass, the more warrior cards you will receive in increasingly hard positions. This is the time to show everyone your strategic side. The cards are very well designed and the graphics are of high quality. What to stimulate you a maximum !

Alone or with others, everything is possible in this game. In the multiplayer version, you will be able to take advantage of the other players' girls or compare your cards.

Our opinion on the graphics and sound effects

We're sure most of you will agree with us that good graphics and realistic sound effects are essential to a porn game. Seeing elegant curves, realistic pussies and hearing lots of sexy moaning, there aren't a lot of things more arousing.

This game really gives the player everything they could ask for: the hentai atmosphere and art style are extremely pleasant and arousing. It plunges you into a fun and perverse world, and in just one click you'll be transported. Allow yourself a little escape and take time for your own pleasure in this world of sexy female warriors!

The cards

One of the main elements of the game are the playing cards. The drawings are truly excellent, and we really appreciate the work the artists put into creating the visuals. The girls' bodies are really hot and sensual. Watch as the girls contort into more and more arousing positions, it's a real treat for the eyes. There are different characters you can use every time you play, such as archers, warriors, fairies, and they all have the classic characteristics. You'll find yourself caught by the urge to collect more and more cards, and will soon become completely addicted to this game.

Sound effects

What could possibly be more exciting than a sexy warrior girl moaning with pleasure? This game provides a huge amount of pleasure and allows players to make just about any fantasy become a reality. The sounds the girls make when they're receiving pleasure will do nothing if not entice and arouse you – trust us, you'll be swept away by the hot moans.

With a headset or headphones, the sounds will be even more immersive, and you'll quickly feel like you are making the character cum yourself! We definitely recommend the use of headphones for a pleasurable experience.

The most addictive porn game on the market

The fact that you need to take control of so many sexy girls to defeat your enemy was already very enjoyable – add to that the fact that with every victory you get cards new cards showing more girls in ever more exciting positions – and you'll soon be completely addicted. You'll soon find yourself completely addicted to this game, so sit back, and allow it to stimulate you physically and mentally. It's true that it is pretty hard to resist naked and sexy women in exciting positions.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, in addition to new cards, you'll also receive money for each victory. This money allows you to advance in the game, and opens up more options for customizing your sexy warriors. You'll even have the possibility to add specialities, and boost your girls skills. In short, the more you progress in the game, the more rewards you'll receive. When you see what the rewards look like, we are pretty sure you'll want to keep playing.

The single player mode is truly excellent (and very challenging). But what about the multiplayer mode? In this game, you can play online and compete with many other players from all over the world! Compete with opponents more skilled than you and spice up your adventure any time.

Pros and cons of Cunt Wars


We don't know where to start with this insanely sexy game. There are so many pros, we've decided to make a concise list of it's overall strongest points.

  • A real adventure with strategy: The alliance of strategy and sex is very well done in the game. It's technically a strong game that happens to also feature sexy and exciting girls. The game will captivate you from the moment you press the “play” button, we guarantee it.
  • Arousing graphics and sounds: the visuals are thoughtful and well-made, and the girls' bodies fill us with desire right from the start.
  • Well drawn cards: the warriors are very well-designed and exciting, be careful not to get distracted! You will instantly fall under the girl's spell. Moreover, in each game, the girls will try out new and even hotter positions.
  • It's completely free: No need to spend a single cent on this game, you can get your kicks for free! The game developers have put every care into creating a game that allows players to enjoy some steamy alone time in peace.


As far as cons are concerned, the list is pretty short – it's difficult to find anything to complain about in regard to such a well-made game. The only drawback is possibly the plot, which is a bit clumsy at times. However, the idea of the game is consistent and fun – challenging enemies, and organizing your cards.

During your fights with all the different opponents, you may run into people who are much more skilled than you, and you may stagnate for a while in the game. This can become frustrating after a while.

Our final opinion on Cunt Wars

Cunt Wars is one of the best sexy card games on the market. The user experience is pleasant and overall super exciting. Moreover, the game is very ergonomic, and it is a real pleasure to play. The hentai design plunges you into a unique world that completely immerses the player. Finally, it's a wildly successful porn game, mixing sex, excitement, and strategy to perfection.

Now that you know everything about this X-rated game, all you have to do is sign up and enjoy a pleasant moment with your warriors!


  • A game that requires strategy and thought
  • 100% free
  • Hentai style visyaks
  • Beautifully crafted cards


  • Boring plot


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