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Comix Harem

Today, we're going to be discussing a game that is a little different but still fits the blueprint of a hentai game: Comix Harem. This game is a full 2D sex game with characters designed to look like comic book heroes and heroines! Pretty exciting, huh? Enjoy fucking all these beautifully drawn 2D goddesses in this action-adventure RPG with some of the most fun mechanics we've ever seen.

Let's dive into the details of this game and discover what makes it so awesome : after a brief presentation, we'll take a look at the gameplay, visuals, and finally give our honest verdict.

Presenting: Comix Harem

As you've probably already understood, Comix Harem is a totally 2D comic style hentai game. It's classed as an action-adventure RPG, and definitely lives up to this name. The game has a fully immersive gameplay, in which you must build a harem of the sexiest comic book women you can find. They're all incredibly horny, and want only to be pleasured by you!

It's a completely uncensored game, with pretty hardcore and graphic sex scenes that will have your head spinning ! Get ready to experience some really amazing 2d sex – trust me, you won't be disappointed.

How to play

To get started on Comix Harem, you'll need to select a girl to have some fun with. Unlike some online porn games, Comix Harem gives you a huge selection of women to choose from right away ! Don't forget to use the left and right arrows on the screen to see all the possible partners to pick from. They're all very different, some more human looking than others.

Once you've picked your partner, the game starts automatically ! That's right, no complicated questionnaires or bank details necessary. Comix Harem doesn't mess around, and plunges you immediately into hot, steamy sex scenes. The intro scene involves some pretty hot lesbian sex, so you'll need to be prepared if you don't want to cum straight away !

After that, it's a pretty simple gameplay : make your way past the introduction scene by clicking through. Then, the game's logo will pop up to announce the start of the game. On screen will be your level, power, money, and XP. Click through to reach new levels and use your power to have more extreme sex!

Comic Harem: an enticing game with comic-book graphics

Once you get into this game, the first thing you'll find awesome are the images. The comic-book style does nothing to take away from how horny you'll get looking at these women. In fact, it takes reality completely out of the picture and instead allows you to fantasize over women with awesome superpowers, tentacles, green skin and more.

The sound effects are also pretty awesome, and definitely add to the whole experience of this unique game.

Our final thoughts

So to bring this article to a close, I'd first like to mention the uniqueness of Comix Harem. I've rarely seen porn games in such a cool art style, and when I have , never have they been executed so beautifully ! The drawings are art are truly amazing.

The gameplay is also very exciting and fun, and not boring like many comic style visual novels. I didn't want to stop playing even for a second !

What are you waiting for ? Get comfy and discover Comix Harem for free today !


  • Amazing comic book style graphics
  • Fun gameplay
  • No waiting around to play
  • Totally free
  • No download required


  • Some scenes may shock more sensitive viewers


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