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College Life

College Life is a stunning hentai RPG game, created by the fabulous developers over at Nutaku. It's a high quality dating simulator that has quickly become very popular, and today, we're going to find out why.

If you've ever dreamed of reliving your college years and enjoying all the pleasures that the hot, young chicks have to offer you, then College Life is the game for you. Check out this exciting role-playing game below!

What is College Life?

College Life is, as we've already said, a dating simulator in which all the action takes place in college. You're surrounded by 18 to 19-year-old babes: these girls are not only young, and looking to experiment and expand their repertoire of sexual practices, but they're all incredibly sexy too!

In the game, the goal is to help the girls get out of the clutches of the malevolent school headmaster. He's known to all for forcing the students to work for him, and expelling students who dare to have sex. You'll have to help the girls regain control of their bodies, and make the school a place where students are free to enjoy themselves again.

How to play College Life?

In this high quality hentai game, you'll need to build relationships with all the girls and help them to fight against the evil headmaster. Basically, you have to get to know all the girls and boys in the school, and play the matchmaker. You have to get these kids to fuck, and piss off the headmaster. Eventually, his plan will be foiled – can't expel everyone if they're all having sex, right?

The best part? You can be there when the students you fixed up meet! Since you're the puppet master and you decide who fucks who, you'll know when and where the students meet – and you can watch them have fun! Pretty cool, huh?

To start playing this amazing porn game, simply click on the link to your left and create an account with Nutaku. You'll then have access to all the games in their catalogue, including College Life.

What about the graphics?

College Life is a beautifully designed 2D game: the drawings are made by experienced manga artists who know what you want, and how to give it to you. Gigantic breasts, little schoolgirl outfits… in short, the whole package.

If you already like hentai, I don't really need to say more – but if you're not convinced, I strongly advise you to try this game. Even for me, who wasn't a huge fan of hentai dating simulators before, this game has pretty much totally converted me. 2D has never been so exciting!

Our final opinion

To be honest, I've rarely enjoyed a hentai game like College Life. This high quality and super sexy dating simulator took no time convincing me that 2D can be as exciting as 3D. The women's bodies are just extraordinary… Even if I do really like the realism of 3D games, fucking women with totally insane proportions is a bit of a characteristic of hentai, and that's not a bad thing… at all.

Don't wait any longer, try this amazing game for free today – you won't be disappointed.


  • Beautiful anime/hentai graphics
  • Varied and fun gameplay
  • A very unique game
  • Free to play


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