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AOP Lesbian Experience

Lesbian sex is not just a fantasy for lesbians! With AOP Lesbian Experience, you'll really feel like you're watching hot, sexy lesbians show you what they can do. This visually impressive game is entirely in 3D, and we're pretty sure that it'll take your breath away. To know more about this engaging lesbian sex game, read on: we'll introduce you to the game, as well as give you our honest opinion on all of its aspects and features.

What is AOP Lesbian Experience ?

In a few words, AOP Lesbian Experience is a high-quality lesbian porn game, and one that has something for everyone. There are several ways to play, and sex scenes you can take part in or simply watch ; some lesbian, some not. For example, you can play as a man who comes across two bombshell lesbians that are in the middle of some steamy sex on your kitchen table. What should you do? Well, punish them, of course.

This is a great game that is extremely popular on the internet recently. Choose among numerous lesbian partners and help them to discover the joys of a well hung man, and you should ensure that they have a good experience!

How to play

As far as gameplay is concerned, AOP Lesbian Experience is fairly simple. Several gameplay styles are possible, as we said before: you can play as a man who punishes women, a woman with a big cock, or just a hot lesbian.

The customization possibilities are also pretty incredible: you can create your experience from top to bottom, and change all the details as you go. As is often the case with this style of game, you'll be asked several questions when you create your account that will help create an experience that suits you.

Once you start playing, the possibilities become even more numerous: customize women to make them your own by changing their hair color, skin color, and defining the size of their breasts and asses among others. The possibilities are endless: even the locations and scenarios are customizable.

Once you've created your woman and your dream scenario, you can take control of the sex itself: you're the boss. Choose positions and intensity, and listen to them moan louder and louder as they get closer to orgasm. Take note of what makes them scream, and in no time you'll watch them climax so hard that it'll make them question their sexuality.

AOP Lesbian Experience: a hyperrealistic 3D game

Now, let's talk about the graphics. AOP Lesbian Experience provides you with the most modern and realistic graphics on the porn game market: being a pretty modern game made entirely in HTML5, you'll love being able to watch the women's bodies move from left and right as you fuck them. Not only are they realistic, but the detail is incredible. The physics of the breasts moving and the skin stretching when you pinch the buttocks… boy, you'll really think you're watching a porn film.

Moreover, a lot of work went into creating the soundtrack : the moans and screams are among the most realistic and exciting we have ever heard. What better way to turn up the heat and give you an overall realistic experience?

Our final review of AOP Lesbian Experience

To conclude on this game, it's quite clearly a 10/10. Nothing has been left aside, and all the details come together to create a tailor-made, hyperrealistic and ultra arousing experience. For the quality of the 3D alone, this game is worth a visit.

If you dream of seeing lesbians caressing each other on your desk, before interrupting them to show them your huge dick, play AOP Lesbian Experience now: what are you waiting for?


  • Incredibly realistic 3D
  • Lesbian fantasy becomes reality
  • An excellent soundtrack
  • Ultra customizable gameplay
  • A customized experience


  • This game can quickly become addictive


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